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John Kasich calls Democrats ‘pathetic,’ Mark Cuban sees no change in Trump

Ohio Governor John Kasich speaks with Axios co-founder Mike Allen in the Ohio Union as part of the “Smarter Faster Revolution” tour on Apr. 2. Credit: Jack Westerheide | Photo Editor

Ohio Gov. John Kasich and business mogul Mark Cuban have been critical of the current presidential administration and both political parties via tweets, talk show appearances and rallies. They chose the same critical angle — and stage — at Ohio State Monday with Kasich calling the Democratic party “pathetic” and each expressing disappointment with President Donald Trump.

Both Kasich and Cuban have been pegged as potential independent or Republican party challengers to Trump in 2020.

Kasich, whose term as governor ends this year, has taken several trips to swing states, suggesting he might run for president again in 2020. In the past year, Cuban, current owner of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks and a personality on ABC’s show “Shark Tank,” has thrown around the idea of running and said he would consider public office if Republicans do well in November midterm elections, because that would mean an unbalanced House.

Axios Executive Editor Mike Allen questioned Kasich and Cuban on their concerns for the future of American politics at the “Smarter Faster Revolution” event hosted by the news webiste and JP Morgan Chase & CO.

Kasich’s one-on-one conversation started on Trump’s tweet threatening to end DACA on Easter Sunday. Kasich responded to Trump on social media at the time and on Monday said he was disappointed that Trump chose Easter to spread such a message.

“I was really upset on Easter when the president puts out a tweet to the DACA people. You know these are young people, they are great contributors to our society, they have families,” Kasich said. “Then all of the sudden on Easter, the day for Christians of great hope, he puts something out taking their home away. I don’t think it’s right and that’s not what leaders do.”

While Kasich spoke out against Trump’s tweeting, Cuban said one of his New Year’s resolutions was to not pay as much attention to Trump and what he says because “What’s the point?

“He is who he is. I’ve known him a long time. He hasn’t changed at all,” Cuban said of the president.

Allen hammered away with Trump questions but Kasich saved his most searing assessment for Democrats.

“What the [GOP] needs to do is realize the issues that really matter to people,” he said. “Everyone wants to talk about how bad the Republican party is, the Democratic party is so pathetic I can’t even figure out what they’re for.”

The change in America needs to come from the bottom up because politicians are too scared to push for change, Kasich said. Both he and Cuban said the students from Parkland, Florida, who have led the charge for gun reform, symbolize the participation necessary to change policy.

“I say this to everyone here: The most important thing you can do is participate,” Cuban said. “Don’t let somebody else create the country you’re going to have to live in for the rest of your lives. Do it yourself, participate.”


  1. I am embarrassed I voted for the current governor of Ohio. Trump won Ohio for a reason, we are totally ready for the change he is going to bring about. I will be voting for DeWine as the majority of the Republicans. Do yourself a favor, don’t embarrass yourself by backing anyone else but someone who is behind OUR PRESIDENT!

    • Good point. Don’t embarrass yourself by backing a traitor, molester, and adulterer who’s unqualified for his job in every sense! Go back to Breitbart.

    • Really C.C.? Do you really think this president merits anybody’s support? Read on:
      The Washington Post Fact Checker, that analyzes, categorizes and tracks every suspect utterance by the president, recently reported that he has in his first 406 days in office made 2,436 false or misleading statements. He has undoubtedly thus set a new, untouchable record for presidents. Again, he is ‘winning, winning, winning’! This kind of winning, however, is abnormal. One is prompted to wonder, if the president’s lying is not, perhaps, being driven by some mania – mendacimania? – a craving, obsession or excessive need to lie, or by some phobia – veraciphobia? – a fear of telling the truth, because truth telling has not always served the president well. Whatever the reason, we are stuck with a president, who lies uncontrollably. He is, perhaps, truly suffering from some new, as yet unseen affliction, that we all must now tolerate as a new norm for a president. Lucky for President Trump, he has time to adjust and maybe overcome this malady, because his personal physician surmises that he could possibly live for 200 years. That would be another untouchable Trump record! Judging by the prevalence of lying by other members of his administration, there also exists the scary possibility that Trump’s affliction is contagious! Could colluding or obstructing be the catalyst? R. Amos, Severn MD

  2. You do realize out of the actual number of 200,000 people who showed up for gun control the majority was age 49 and above. For those numbers over 50% was there for the entertainment, there was more advertisement for the entertainers that there was speakers. Think, you provide entertainment your going to get the numbers you got. Again fake media and a joke. Really people are finally getting a true picture here.

    • Not sure I follow your rational. Those over 49 have always been dependable voters. Millennials have a dismal voting record. But, they do react strongly to causes. Gun control, as you put it, has become a major cause that could easily help wipe out an aged lackluster Republican controlled Congress. But the age group you should really be concerned about is GenX. It’s not just about gun control. It’s DACA, women’s rights and a whole list of other issues that directly affect them.

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