Ohio State will publicly post its employee salary database online for the first time, the university announced Thursday in a press release.

While previous year’s salaries was available to the public by request, and several media sites compiled databases, Ohio State had never before hosted the data in a searchable application online.

Susan Basso, the senior vice president for talent, culture and human resources, said it is important that Ohio State be the trusted source of the salary information.

“As a major Ohio employer and one of the nation’s largest universities, it makes good sense for Ohio State to give the public easy access to some of its most sought-after data,” Basso said in the announcement.

The 2017 median annual base salary was $48,173 —compared to $47,661 the previous year—an increase of 1.1 percent, according to the release.

The database will include all non-student employees at Ohio State and is searchable by name, department, title or salary range. A downloadable excel spreadsheet also is being made available.

The database, which will be updated throughout the year, can be found here.