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Required sexual misconduct training passed by University Senate

The Ohio Union. Credit: Jack Westerheide | Photo Editor

The University Senate recently passed a resolution that requires all students, faculty, staff and administrators to participate in training on sexual misconduct.

The resolution, which passed unanimously in March, states that the university is working to develop “new training platforms” to educate participants on the issue of university sexual misconduct including prevention and resources. The training will be required initially and periodically throughout an individual’s time at Ohio State, according to the resolution.

“[We] decided that it is time to put together this resolution that really expresses a desire that many of us have as the leaders of our constituency groups to see the university move forward with a required training,” said Liz Gordon-Canlas, chair of the University Staff Advisory Committee. “The timing felt right, it’s a topic that’s important to the university staff advisory committee.”

Gordon-Canlas said currently it is left up to the individual department and college to decide who is required to complete training on sexual misconduct. The new policy will create one set program for the university.

Although the trainings are still in development, the resolution states the training programs will be assessed regularly to make sure they are relevant and effective in the prevention of sexual misconduct and promoting a “healthy and respectful campus culture.”

“The resolution was intentionally written to be broad so that the university had the ability to explore training options and then implement sexual misconduct training to everyone,” said Alex Wesaw, a sponsor of the resolution.

Three of the sponsors of the resolution presented the issue to the Senate for a vote and it passed unanimously.

“It was actually, I think, very symbolic. It was [passed] on International Women’s Day,” Gordon-Canlas said. “Knowing that sexual misconduct and sexual violence impacts all people of all identities, but especially powerful on International Women’s Day to put that resolution forward, as a woman and as a chair of the Staff Advisory Committee.”

The resolution requests that the university present a status report to the University Senate by next spring about the implementation of the training.

“We asked for a report to be presented in the year 2019 so that we could understand how the impact of the training was positively shifting campus culture,” Gordon-Canlas said.

Wesaw, a doctoral candidate in city and regional planning, said he hopes the training will help reduce sexual misconduct on campus, and eventually help eliminate it altogether.

“I think that it is important for the campus environment to be safe for everyone. There is no place for sexual misconduct anywhere, in my opinion,” he said. “I hope that this is one step toward the university community becoming more hospitable and courteous to everyone that’s a part of the university community.”


  1. Thank God I am retired from the university (faculty). Like so much else in today’s loony liberal left-wing society, the mass of innocents are being punished and held accountable for the very small number of the guilty. Were I still employed at OSU, I would refuse to participate in this “training”. Maybe it’s time for the level-headed to stand up and shout “RESIST”?

  2. Believe me “DrBob,” we all thank God that you are retired from the university as well. You’ve got it all backwards. Rational individuals do not believe that this training is a “punishment,” and level-headed people HAVE been standing up and resisting….hence this mandatory training.

    • Amanda – I am amused at your undocumented generalization that rational individuals do not believe this “training” is a punishment. As a level-headed person myself, I would stand up and resist this type of fascist indoctrination. And, yes, it IS Dr Bob.

  3. Clash City Rocker

    DrBob – this instruction is needed today, especially now. Spanky Don is a sex assaulter, an incest-molester, a treasonous collaborator with the Russian government of Vladimir Putin, an anti-Hispanic bigot, an Islamophobe, a homophobe, a megalomaniac, a pedophilic jerk, a boorish bully with a 3rd grade maturity, a shameless sociopath who is unworthy to be the head of a civilized nation and an example of what NOT to be. His rampant misogyny – and that in others makes this instruction necessary because sexual assault, incest, sexual harassment and sexual intimidation is unacceptable in the modern world and that goes for Harvey Weinstein, Anthony Weiner, Bill Cosby and Spanky Don il Douche Trump.

    • Rocker – other than your frothing-at-the-mouth diatribe against Donald Trump, you failed miserably to offer a single reason in justification for requiring everyone at the university to take this “training”. I suggest that you get your emotions in check. None of the persons you listed are students, staff or faculty at OSU.

      • Clash City Rocker

        No but it applies to everyone and it starts at the top. Nobody is above the law. Education is freedom, freedom to challenge and not blindly obey illegal authority. Knowledge is freedom. No, the people I listed are not students, staff are faculty @ OSU but there are others like that in every institution. There are things that no one should have to put up with in their daily lives, at work, schools or anywhere. Sexual assault, harassment, discrimination and similar behavior creates an intimidating atmosphere of fear and anger. ‘Fascist indoctrination’ does not respect any of these things, it’s all brute oppression for them – Dr. If you knew about fascism you wouldn’t be saying the ignorant things you probably heard from AM radio dirtbags. They project – call everyone the names that they are themselves. It used to be everyone not like a person’s ignorant view was a ‘communist’. Well. last year on Lane Ave. I saw 2 members of the Hammerskins fascist gang on their motorcycles. These thugs have been coming out of the woodwork since the traitor Trump took over the WH. I got a degree in computer and info science from OSU and I know a cyberattack when I see one – and I witnessed it on Election Night 2016. I am a military veteran of the Cold War and sexual trauma is common there as well and it breaks down military order and discipline and it’s destructive to a business or organization and to the individual. Sexual assault, incest, sexual harassment and sexual intimidation is unacceptable in the modern world it’s inexcusable and it’s a POWER game, not romantic. Students have a right to know that it’s not OK from anyone – not your teacher, not your boss, not anyone in a position of anything including Harvey Weinstein, Anthony Weiner, Bill Cosby and Spanky Don. NOBODY.

    • You left out the fact he spikes Halloween candy and pushes old ladies, in their wheel chairs, off of high cliffs. Oh, and he throws homosexuals off roof tops. Oh wait, no, that would be Muslims. Get a life.

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