Ohio State wide receivers coach Zach Smith talks to junior wide receiver Eric Glover-Williams prior to fall camp on Aug. 5. Credit: Colin Hass-Hill | Sports Editor

A text message exchange between former Ohio State wide receivers coach and recruiting coordinator Zach Smith and ex-wife Courtney Smith shows that Zach Smith admitted to abusing Courtney Smith while in Punta Cana, according to a tweet by former ESPN reporter Brett McMurphy.

The exchange shows Courtney Smith talking about lies and previous instances of Zach Smith’s abuse, including a time where he allegedly picked her up by the neck and strangled her.

McMurphy tweeted this screenshot out following an interview on 105.7 The Zone where Zach Smith said that he never committed domestic abuse against his ex-wife.

Zach Smith described the relationship as “volatile,” but said he never did anything illegal, saying that he would occasionally restrain her to get out of the situation.

Smith thought his firing was not warranted, and that the problem “was behind closed doors between a husband and wife.”

McMurphy shared screenshots of text messages between Courtney and Zach Smith on his original story, which stated that head coach Urban Meyer knew about allegations surrounding Zach Smith in 2015.

“[Meyer] looked at me and said ‘Zach if you hit her, you’re fired immediately,’” Zach Smith said in an interview on ESPN.

These text messages show Zach Smith threatening Courtney Smith, saying he will find her when she is out.

Zach Smith was fired on July 23 for his alleged domestic abuse.