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Concert Review: Beach Goons bring SoCal rock to Columbus

Pablo Cervantez of Beach Goons performs for a crowd of indie-rock fans at Big Room Bar on Wednesday in Columbus, OH. Photo Credit: Courtney Voisard | Lantern Reporter

Indie garage band Beach Goons brought the angst of SoCal alt-rock to the stage of Big Room Bar in Columbus when  the three-piece band performed on Wednesday night.

Pablo Cervantez’s dark and grungy vocals and self-loathing lyrics contrasted with an upbeat and beachy tempo from bassist David Orozco and drummer Chris Moran, and the audience could not look away.

Beach Goons kept heads banging and bodies dancing until they finished the last song in their set.

The endearingly grungy feel of the venue set the mood for the outrageous low-key indie rock show put on by Beach Goons.

The Sharpie-stained walls, autographed records and dim string lights made the Columbus indie crowd feel right at home and had adults feeling nostalgic of their punk rock days.

The trio took the stage with “Reservoir Dawgs,” their most popular song on Spotify —  a great first choice for their setlist.

The band kept the tempo high for the rest of the show, playing guitar-heavy songs “Hunny Bunnies” and “Hrsb” from their most recent album “Hoodratscumbag” and headbanging along with the audience.

Beach Goons ended their show by leaving the crowd laughing with their cover of “La Bamba” by Los Lobos.

The highlight of the show was seeing how quickly each of the band members played their instruments skillfully and with precision. Their sound is intense and upbeat, and watching them keep up with each other was mesmerizing. They kept the same energy from the beginning of the show until the very last note played.

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