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USG partners with Title IX for the second-annual #MeToo Week

The second-annual #MeToo week will be hosted in the Ohio Union and will provide a variety of events for students to attend. Credit: Lantern File Photo

Undergraduate Student Government is partnering with Title IX to host the second-annual #MeToo Week to educate students on sexual violence and the resources available on campus in light of the Sexual Civility and Empowerment unit closing.

Following Thanksgiving break, students can attend a variety of events, ranging from open forums to a self-defense class, that will run Monday to Saturday.

“Students should expect a safe place where they can go and engage in meaningful conversation on topics that are important and pertinent to themselves, the university and the world around them,” said Peyton Batiato, deputy director of USG’s health and safety committee.

Batiato said the events taking place during the campaign were chosen based off discussions USG had with students about sexual assault issues at Ohio State and what students want to see change.

USG found students wanted to know more about how to protect themselves in given situations, rather than “reactionary information,” and the repercussions a perpetrator will face if they sexually assault someone.

“There are so many different types of events centered around sexual violence that everyone should be able to find something that they can relate to or care about,” Batiato said.

Title IX hosted #MeToo week for the first time in December 2017 after the movement gained national popularity.

Kellie Brennan, Title IX coordinator, said this campaign was created in an effort to help students speak out about sexual violence and engage in prevention efforts. Brennan said the campaign was brought back this year as a result of interest from students and faculty.

This year’s #MeToo week will have more events than the former and feature a wider variety for students to attend. It will kick-off with the “What Were You Wearing?” art installation on Monday, created by Noa Katz, which will feature profiles from victims of sexual violence and replicas of the clothing worn during the assault to break down rape myths.

Featured events for the week include “Red Light: Breaking the Cycle of Trafficking: TEDxOhioState Salon event with the Franklin County Municipal Court,” “OSUPD Discussion with Officer Cassie Shaffer” and “The New Playbook: Standing Strong to Promote Non-Violence.”


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