Fisher College of Business will expand grading options if they’re approved by the University Senate Thursday. Credit: Amal Saeed | Photo Editor

College of Business students struggling with the transition to online classes will have expanded grading options if Ohio State votes to allow an optional pass/nonpass grading scale for general education and nonmajor courses due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dean Anil Makhija said in an email to students Wednesday that the pass/nonpass option and extension of the ability to take an incomplete mark to 10 weeks for general education courses and electives proposals will extend to all undergraduate, graduate and PhD Fisher College of Business courses if approved by the University Senate Thursday.

“During this unprecedented crisis, please know that the faculty and staff at Fisher, and throughout the university, are working together to provide you with an educational experience that is rigorous, rewarding and fair,” Makhija said in the email.

This comes the day before the University Senate is set to vote on two proposals that would grant all undergraduate students the opportunity to change their classes to a pass/no pass option and extend the time period to resolve incompletes to 10 weeks. 

Unlike the universitywide proposal, Fisher will extend these proposals to all major, minor, specialization and core courses at the undergraduate, graduate and PhD levels.

Gretchen Ritter, executive dean and vice provost of the College of Arts and Sciences announced Sunday that the college will allow its undergraduate students to choose the pass/nonpass option for all major and minor courses.

Taking a course for pass/nonpass credit will not lower or raise a student’s GPA, and students should consult with an adviser before deciding to choose this type of credit, the email said. Students will have untilApril 17 to choose the option.

“You should consult with your academic advisor in deciding how the pass/nonpass option may impact your path forward here and after college,” Makhija said.