A line of students with chests painted red spell out Muck Fichigan

Block “O,” the official student section of the Buckeyes, takes up the stands in Ohio Stadium’s north and south end zones. Credit: Courtesy of Nicole Zaayer

Ohio State athletics has announced its plan to fill 20 percent of Ohio Stadium if college football is played this fall.

The pressing question for Buckeye fans is who gets a shot at the 20,988 available tickets? Should all tickets go to the students, non-student fans or an even split?

We survey the best options from fairness, economic and safety standpoints as athletic revenue is already looking at a large deficit in 2020.

As one of the only universities to publicly announce its attendance plans, we discuss the potential issues for home-field advantage and whether consistency should be paramount for the Big Ten regarding stadium capacity.

There are plenty of complications and questions regarding this decision, but we clear things up and navigate the best avenues for Ohio State here in the latest episode of the Lantern Sports Podcast.