The slogan “Together as Buckeyes” is a phrase taken literally by Ohio State to ensure student-athletes are navigating through the COVID-19 pandemic in the safest way possible.

At Ohio State, student-athletes have an abundance of resources that help them both physically and mentally. During the pandemic, particularly, Ohio State’s Department of Athletics collaborated with Ohio State’s Sport Psychology and Wellness Services to create a supportive environment.

SPAWS, which hasn’t furloughed any staff, has offered services to boost student-athletes’ mental well-being, including individual virtual counseling sessions, virtual team talks, and consultations with coaches and trainers.

The Big Ten announced May 4 that all student-athletes would receive access to the Calm app, which focuses on mental wellness, helping users sleep better, boosting confidence, and reducing stress through meditation, bedtime stories and music. 

“Ohio State’s sports psychology department has been incredibly helpful,” women’s soccer defender Izzy Rodriguez said. “They have given my teammates and me so many resources like the Calm app that helps us alleviate stress.”

Marcy Allen contributed reporting to this story.