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Knead fills need for tasty food, big portions

I was lazily wandering around North Market after a long night in need of some good coffee when I stumbled upon what can only be described as Narnia for breakfast lovers, conveniently located across the street from The Greater Columbus Convention Center.

Grabbing the title for Best Restaurant from Columbus Underground, Knead is famous for working together with local farmers to use only the freshest ingredients, changing its menu to fit what produce is in season and most readily available.

On this particular morning, I had the French toast made with pagnotta bread, not knowing what I was getting myself into. The waiter brought to the table possibly the biggest stack of French toast I had ever seen. Never had anything drenched in syrup looked so appetizing; it was a masterpiece.

At Knead, every component of every meal is carefully selected and combined in a perfectly complimentary fashion with another, making for delectable, yet affordable, entertainment for the palate. I was very pleasantly surprised at the extent of the inventive additions, like a hint of fennel in the ketchup. You would never have noticed the combination had it not been there but it’s presence makes for a splendid adventure for the taste buds.

As mentioned before, Knead’s main focus is to use ingredients brought in from local farms to use only the freshest ingredients for every meal, so there’s no doubt you would get anything less than spectacular.

If breakfast isn’t your favorite meal of the day, its famous Motherclucker Sandwich or That’s Nacho Pizza will satisfy even the most selective diner. With tasty food in large portions, Knead has struck college-diet gold without skimping on great flavor.

Grade: A

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