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Columbus to ‘Enjoy the Company’ of rock band The Whigs

Courtesy of Joshua Black Wilkins

After only about a decade of existence, rock band The Whigs’ resume already includes appearances on the “Late Show with David Letterman,” “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and “Late Night with Conan O’Brien,” and performances with Kings of Leon, MGMT and The Black Keys.

The Georgia-based trio is scheduled to perform Monday at The Basement. Doors open at 7 p.m.

Although lead singer and guitarist Parker Gispert said the band loves to play on television, he said the band always looks forward to its Columbus shows.

“We’ve played there like eight times and it seems like people are generally ready to party no matter what night of the week it is, and a good amount of kids from the college will come over,” Gispert said.

The Whigs is touring in support of its fourth studio album “Enjoy the Company,” released Sept. 18, which Gispert describes as a more optimistic record than past material.

“This fourth album, we wanted it to be a positive, inviting rock record and wanted it to be a positive listening experience and we thought the title fit the moods well,” he said.

Gispert also said the band’s sound is just “straight ahead, loud, exciting rock music.”

Jared Cummans, the guitarist for Ballroom Boxer, one of the opening bands for The Whigs’ show at The Basement, said he enjoys the band’s music and is looking forward to touring with it.

“I really like their sound, but for me it’s all about the voice and I really love that guy’s (Gispert) voice,” Cummans said. “So I’m pretty excited to play with the band and I think this is perfect because they’re a great band and we all really like them.”

Formed in 2011, Chicago-based Ballroom Boxer draws inspiration from artists such as the Gaslight Anthem, The Strokes and Bruce Springsteen.

Ballroom Boxer’s name stemmed from several elements.

“We really liked the dichotomy of two kind of contrasting ideas of the gracefulness of a ballroom dancer and the grittiness of a 1930s boxer,” said drummer Dave Altier.

“And when Dave and Mike (Altier, guitarist and vocalist) dance they look like boxers,” Cummans added. “They put their fists up and we always make fun of them.”

Cummans said that during its live performances, energy is the main focus.

“For us personally, (it’s great) to watch a band that really gets into it and moves around,” Cummans said. “So that’s the biggest thing we try to convey, we just try to make it a good time for everyone. We like to see everyone dancing and we like to dance ourselves so it’s just all about that movement.”

For Gispert, keeping the audience entertained is The Whigs’ objective.

“Entertainment is the goal. I think it’s well worth it to go out to shows (rather than) sitting at home watching TV or playing video games,” Gispert said. “There’s just nothing that is more exciting to me than going to see a good rock show.”

Tickets for Monday’s show can be purchased at the door for $12. Kuroma is also slated to perform as an opener.

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