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‘Magic Mike’ star plays a romantic in ‘Endless Love’

Actor Alex Pettyfer plays David Elliot in romantic drama 'Endless Love,' which is slated to release nationwide Feb. 14.

Actor Alex Pettyfer plays David Elliot in romantic drama ‘Endless Love,’ which is slated to release nationwide Feb. 14.

Actor Alex Pettyfer equates falling in love to the feeling of being able to conquer the world. Luckily, in his new movie, the love is meant to be eternal.

Pettyfer, who has acted in “Lee Daniels’ The Butler” and “Magic Mike,” is set to star in the drama “Endless Love.”

He plays the part of David Elliot, who falls in love with a rich girl named Jade Butterfield, portrayed by Gabriella Wilde. As the characters become more acquainted with one another, the couple falls madly in love, in spite of Butterfield’s overprotective father who tries to take his daughter away from the relationship.

Pettyfer said he was drawn to the character of Elliot because of the love David has for Jade.

“I love just seeing a guy who was just purely in love with a woman and wanted to do anything he could do just to be with her,” Pettyfer said in a video online interview with The Lantern and other college media.

Pettyfer also admitted that he, too, is a helpless romantic.

“Yeah… I’m a hopeless romantic. So now everybody’s laughing at me,” Pettyfer said.

Pettyfer said working with director Shana Feste, who also directed 2010’s “Country Strong,” was a rewarding experience.

“Shana is amazing. Shana comes from an independent (movie) background, so she solely focuses on characters and where those characters are going in the movie,” Pettyfer said.

Pettyfer said he also enjoyed working with his on-screen love interest, Wilde. He described it as an “amazing” experience.

“She was so easy to work with. She’s such a lovely woman,” Pettyfer said.

Pettyfer said he hopes the audience will have a good time when they see the movie.

“It’s a Valentine’s (Day) movie. It’s lovely, it’s charming. It’s not a serious movie. It’s just there to have fun and just to remind us of love,” Pettyfer said.

Pettyfer also took the time to talk about his own personal life and give advice for an actor who wants to break into the entertainment industry.

“You know, when I first started out, I had so many, or so much rejection, like a lot of rejection. And it’s very hard, as any human being, to hear that you’re not good enough, or you’ll never make it. And I guess my advice is just to keep your personal integrity. Believe in what you believe in and keep trying,” Pettyfer said.

Roman Petrosyan, a second-year in information systems, said he would see the movie.

“I’d probably see the movie because I’m fascinated by the topic of love and romanticism. On campus, we have a huge population of young adults and scholars who are here to learn but are venturing out into the world of romanticism and seeking out their significant other,” Petrosyan said.

Georgia Scott, a first-year in finance, likes Pettyfer as an actor.

“I’ve seen him in a few other movies such as ‘Magic Mike’ and he’s never disappointed me. He’s always played a good part in the movies that I’ve seen him in,” Scott said.

Pettyfer shared his own definition of “Endless Love.”

“My definition of ‘Endless Love’ is a connection between two people that grows. And I can’t explain it — I guess it’s chemical,” Pettyfer said.

“Endless Love” is slated to hit theaters this Valentine’s Day.


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  2. I don’t think this article is terrible at all! Good job. Besides, it leads up to Valentine’s day on Friday so it’s appropriate! Looking forward to seeing the movie.

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