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Serena’s Style: Date night outfits for every night

As much as I love fall fashion, I adore date night outfits even more.  I think date night is my favorite night because we get to dress up, but we also get to see someone special who we absolutely love. This night is the perfect excuse for us to get dressed up and really try to impress our boyfriend or girlfriend.

But date night outfits also depend on the occasion of the date. I love the outfits of date night because there’s so many different types, depending on the occasion of the date.  Examples include causal date night at the movies or a formal date night at a fancy party where you have to get dressed up. Date night is anything and it’s all fabulous.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Kat Courson, a second-year in marketing. I asked her what comes to mind when she hears the phrase “date night outfit.”  

“Dresses for formal parties or sweater and jeans for the movies,” she said. Cours’ favorite place to shop for date night clothes is Tobi because they have things that are dressier and they ship for free.

She also loves Abercrombie because they have 50 percent off sales and have things online, but not in the store so that makes them super exclusive. People always ask her about those clothes and they get upset because they cannot find them and she can.

“I dress for not only guys, but for everyone. I care how I look and I want to look put together,” Cours said.  

I also spoke with Justine Franklin, a third-year in international studies. When she hears “date night outfit,” she first thinks about considering the weather and dressing for the occasion that way.

To make an outfit cute, Franklin said over-sized jackets or casual blazers are great.

“But to make the outfit nicer, wear scarves, do makeup and — if you want to go the extra mile — wear heels,” she said.  

Franklin said her favorite date night outfit is a casual blazer, nicer shorts, a fancy tank top and sandals.  

One of her favorite places to shop for date night clothes is Forever 21 because they have really good stuff and are cheap. She also noted that H&M is like a more upscale Forever 21.

“If you want to splurge, go to Anthropologie because they have really nice things. But only go if there is a sale,” Franklin said.  

After talking with people about date night, my take on date night is just like theirs.  I dress for the occasion and sometimes even how much I like the person. My best advice would be to dress comfortably, but dress it up. You are already a fabulous person and your date knows it.

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