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MisterWives band finishes show at LC Pavilion Tuesday night and says goodbye to fans. Credit: Elizabeth Tzagournis / For the Lantern

Concert review: MisterWives performance is one for the (scrap)books

The MisterWives Scrapbook Tour was a night of great acts and even greater messages. On Tuesday night, fans at the Lifestyle Communities Pavilion welcomed the headlining band and featured acts Waters and CRUISR. The openers were quick to kick things into gear, both entertaining and energizing the crowd.

Pittsburgh-based band CRUISR appeared first as the classic hipster band, earnest with few surprises. Their best song, “Throw Shade,” was a catchy, groovy hit with a great beat. They effused enough edge and grunge to pay tribute to bands like The Postelles and MGMT. At one point, lead singer Andy States offered some helpful tips to attendees: find someone in the audience, take them home for a fun night, then return in nine months with the new addition to the family. That’s one way to grow a fan base.

Waters brought the real party. While CRUISR was mostly mellow, Waters is the perfect hype up dance band. They threw out bouquets of flowers to audience members — not once, but twice — and expelled an all-around hippie vibe. A mentionable hit was their single “Stupid Games,” as well as a cover of “Wrecking Ball.”  On that note, I am slightly convinced keyboardist Sara DaMert is hoping to make it as the next Miley Cyrus. With hairy armpits, tiny pigtail buns, some tongue wagging and dance moves reminiscent of the famous twerk, DaMert proved most entertaining and refreshing. The band’s overall excitement and enthusiastic vibe was contagious and left me thirsty for more. The openers both built off one another and when it finally came time for the main act, the audience couldn’t hold it in any longer.

The enchanting entrance song from “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” aptly named “Pure Imagination,” is how I would best describes the following hour and a half show.  

Starting the main event with fan favorite “Best I Can Do,” the night was immediately brought to a new level while “Hurricane” brought the intensity — quite literally. Rainbow lights, a half cornrowed head and neon glow stick glasses all contributed to their dance party vibe. You could tell they were all best friends living out their dream on stage.

The night’s highlight was undoubtedly lead singer Mandy Lee. There are not enough good things to say about her, whether it’s her unique voice or exuberant personality. Both give her a captivating stage performance and all-around fun vibe. Do you want to be with her or just be her? I really couldn’t decide. More than just the obvious star power, the message both during and between songs was nothing short of inspirational. It’s rare to find someone so genuine and comfortable in their own skin.

“Choose who you are and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise,” she announced. Soon after, she asked the audience’s permission before taking a seat at the edge of the stage and presenting an acoustic version of my favorite song, “Coffins.” Soft blue and purple lights gave the stage an otherworldly quality, perfect for the heavy and heartfelt ballad. “That’s the beauty of music. It connects each and every one of us to each other,” she confided.

Amidst the can-can lines, cartwheels, impromptu pushups and renditions of popular songs such as “Can’t Feel My Face”, “P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)” and “Landslide,” MisterWives managed to be heartfelt, hilarious and fun all at the same time. A particularly sweet moment came when Lee pulled a fan onstage to dance with her during a rendition of “I Wanna Dance With Somebody.” Overall, MisterWives left audience members with more than great vibes and some killer Snapchat stories.

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