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Concert review: Mac Miller shows love in Columbus

Mac Miller is easily one of the most popular names in the hip hop game. His newest album, “The Divine Feminine,” which entered the Billboard chart at No. 1 has been a huge success. It is an entirely different approach from his typical sound. Each song on the album is a love song, which Mac isn’t particularly known for producing. The Divine Feminine tour made a stop at EXPRESS LIVE! on Monday.

Opening for Mac were two DJs, one notably ClockworkDJ. Clockwork came out with obscenely loud, yet energizing, hip hop songs. The crowd was excited, after waiting quite a while before anyone even took the stage. His most exciting moment was surely the remixes of old popular songs in past video games. His Sonic and GoldenEye remixes rocked the house and surely left an impression on the Columbus audience.

After a 30-minute wait, Miller finally took the stage. He opened with one of his newest songs, “Cinderella” which set the tone for a sold-out Columbus crowd. He followed that up with almost his entire Divine Feminine album, which certainly was the theme of the show. Songs like “Stay,” “God is Fair, Sexy Nasty” and “We” were very well received, as the entire crowd seemed to recite every lyric. Miller payed homage to his day one fans by playing classics like “Best Day Ever” and “Knock Knock.” One of the most exciting moments was when he performed his hit song “Loud.” He encouraged the crowd to jump, throw their hands up and let loose. EXPRESS LIVE! was rocking in that moment.

He seemingly ended the show abruptly, but after tons of “we want Mac, we want Mac” chants, he simply couldn’t resist the crowd. He came out and performed two final songs, and made everyone go absolutely wild. Jumping, crowd surfing and swaying were some of the trends amongst the fans.

Shortly before Miller ended his set, he praised Columbus. He expressed his love for the city, and how Columbus was one of the first cities he ever performed in. He was genuinely thankful for the Columbus fans, as there was an outstanding turnout.

The Mac Miller show was as exciting as I thought it would be, but was it really worth the $40 price tag?

Yes, the show was worth the money. It was all over the place, as Miller interchanged soft, emotional songs with exciting carefree tunes. The fans didn’t know how to react, as he certainly kept everyone on their toes. In terms of his set list, I think he should have definitely discarded some songs and replaced them with his previous work. However, Miller knows how to excite a crowd and appeal to their wants by performing his biggest songs. Interestingly enough, he performs his songs much differently live than he does in his studio recordings. It isn’t bad, just surprising and definitely unusual. I am glad I experienced The Divine Feminine tour.

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