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‘Game of Thrones’ concert experience to invade Columbus

“Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience” will feature music and visuals from the hit HBO show. Credit: Courtesy of HBO

Fans of “Game of Thrones” won’t ever be able to travel to Westeros, but they can get a piece of the action at “Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience.”

The tour is set to stop at Nationwide Arena on Thursday.

“Game of Thrones” has received 391 total award nominations and won 228 times, which, by some accounts makes it one of the most popular television shows ever, according to IMDB.   

Score composer Ramin Djawadi said, when he signed up for the show, he didn’t anticipate that the fanbase would grow so large. He said the concert will not only feature original scores and music from the show, but also intricate visuals of the settings of the show. 

“The idea behind this live concert was to create an immersive experience. The minute the audience walks in, we want them to immediately think ‘Game of Thrones,’” Djawadi said. “I didn’t just want to play music.”

Before Djawadi worked on the scores for “Game of Thrones, “Iron Man” and “Westworld,” he grew up surrounded by music. When he was younger, his parents pushed him to go to music lessons. He said it wasn’t until he saw the movie “The Magnificent Seven” that he realized music could be his career.

“The movie ‘The Magnificent Seven’ really triggered something for me,” Djawadi said. “I was always writing music and it was always instrumental music, but through the film I realized the power of music. And as early as a teenager, I said, ‘I want to become a composer.’”

In addition to a full orchestra of traditional instruments, the concert will feature customized instruments to create unusual sounds specific to the show and different arrangements of songs in the score.

“‘Game of Thrones’ really lends itself because there are so many different locations,” Djawadi said. “I think it will be cool to see how some of these themes are played on different instruments and special instruments that we have created only for ‘Game of Thrones.’”

“Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience” comes to Nationwide Arena on Thursday. Tickets start at $53.50 including fees.  


  1. The Game of Thrones show was great but the stage set up was a dumbed-down version of what I see described on the internet. There was no “tiered cake” stage covering the orchestra (they were entirely in the open) or on the small stage opposite them which seems to be a much vaunted feature of the stage set up according to any article I’ve read. Was the Nationwide Arena not able to support the full stage set up or was the show’s rushed arrival from Chicago (they started late) to blame?


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