Of the 26 players on the Ohio State men’s soccer team, 18 are freshmen or sophomores.
At perhaps the most important position on the field, a pair of young players is competing for playing time.
After six non-conference games, sophomore Ryan Dalton and redshirt freshman Matt Lampson have each started three games at goalie.
Each has recorded one shutout, and each has received almost identical playing time. 
Goalkeeper coach Taly Goode plans to play both men equally until there is a distinction between the two. 
“There isn’t much separation between the two just yet,” Goode said. “We are looking for one to establish a good rhythm and consistency.”
Through six games, Dalton has played 290 minutes, while Lampson has spent 310 minutes in goal.
Ideally Goode would like to see a starter emerge, but maintains that their strengths lie in the same places, and they are playing on an even field. 
“It’s not a bad situation to be in with such strength on such a young team,” Goode said. 
When asked which player he sees rising to the top, Goode said that they are just about dead even.
“Ryan has strong communication with the team and Matt has slightly better distribution,” Goode said. 
The No. 24 ranked Buckeyes recently entered the Soccer America Poll for the first time this season.  The team’s record (3-0-3) shows they are off to a good start and deserve their spot in the top 25. 
There is less pressure on the young team, and they anticipate catching their opponents off guard. 
Lampson, a transfer from Northern Illinois, is taking Ohio State in stride. He began training with the Buckeyes last spring. 
“I wanted to be part of a better program that is more renowned and successful,” Lampson said, addressing the reason behind his transfer. “Coach Bluem was happy to have me working with the Buckeyes.”
Both players recognize what a fantastic soccer program Ohio State has maintained and are proud to be a part of the fight to the top.
The undefeated Buckeyes face IUPUI at Jesse Owens Memorial Stadium at 7 tonight.