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Sunday was a night of #winning for America

They are the questions we will all ask ourselves at some point in the future: Where were you when your heard Osama bin Laden was killed and what were you doing?

For many Ohio State students, the answer to that question is jumping in Mirror Lake. But before we get into the events that ensued at OSU, it is important to realize the magnitude of Sunday’s event. As I talked to those around me, people wondered if bin Laden’s death was really a big deal, and what its significance was.

In the long term, May 1, 2011, does not mean much, but the glorification behind that night is important. It proved to be a form of closure for Americans after the events of September 11, 2001. Also, Barack Obama’s speech worked twofold. It created a wave of national pride, much like that immediately after 9/11, and it completed a dark chapter in American history.

It should be noted that Obama taking responsibility for these actions is extremely encouraging. In Sunday night’s speech he did not hesitate to tell the American people that he was responsible for finally finding bin Laden. He said he made it a priority to do so when he took office, and that he followed leads en route to the end result.

His statements are encouraging because it took him a little more than two years to accomplish the mission president George W. Bush could not do in his eight years as commander in chief. There is still a lot to be done, and the War on Terror is not over. But take a moment and enjoy this small victory of a big war.

Obama was able to inspire his nation in a time of energy dependence, a national deficit and amidst a war that seemed to only bring debt, death and no positive results.

On a college campus, it is easy to say that everyone rallied around our nation and recognized what our troops accomplished. Frankly, several students could rally around anything that made a Sunday night fun. But the truth is in the pudding. More than 40,000 fans chanted U-S-A at Sunday night’s MLB match up between the New York Mets and the Philadelphia Phillies. Twitter exploded and proved why it should be taken seriously as a medium. On our own campus, fireworks were set off and something other than a sports rivalry prompted thousands of students to jump into Mirror Lake.

I will end my rant in the same corny manner our president ended his speech. God bless America, support our troops and for Twitter nation: America #winning.

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