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Frankmusik’s new effort hits sour note

England native, electro-pop artist Frankmusik, aka Vincent Frank, has released his second studio album, a follow-up to 2009’s “Complete Me.” In “Do It In The AM,” Frank has basically geared the entire album to establish himself as the next big male pop star in the U.S. In reality, it hails the true ending of male pop in America.

There’s nothing appealing anymore about soft, male voices. That’s not to say this album is a complete failure; the title track and “No Champagne” featuring Natalia Kills are powerful songs in voice and production. When he’s collaborating with someone else, the songs liven up, but when it’s just him, you kind of just want it to be over.

Frank’s best asset is his ability to mix and remix established tracks. His style of singing brings back memories of an ‘80s dance club.

When the songs slow down a little, like on “Wrecking Ball,” the arrangement sounds better. He’s at his worst when he completely relies on Auto-Tune to carry him throughout certain songs, like “Running,” “The Fear Inside” and “No I.D.”

Other tracks sound like they were ripped from an unreleased *NSYNC archive. The lyrical content is on par with a 7-year-old writing a poem in hopes of his mommy putting it on the refrigerator. Although, as he writes his own lyrics, unlike his absent contemporaries, he should get some credit.

This is, without a doubt, a party album, but Frank doesn’t quite make it as catchy as LMFAO’s style of party music. It’s a lackluster attempt at trying to stand out.

Overall, the production is pretty well done, but the lyrics are tasteless and the sour singing leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Music consumers are allowed to overlook this one.

Grade: C-

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