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Off-campus fires surge in July

John Wernecke / Asst. multimedia editor

A string of dumpster fires has plagued the Ohio State off-campus area in the past month.

Commander Christopher Bowling with the Columbus Division of Police said there was a surge in area fires in July.

The reason behind these fires is unknown, but some suspect that it is related to the turnover of apartment leases, and that extra furniture and possessions in dumpsters and alleyways has led to the surge in fired.

Bowling said that anyone who sees a fire near their residence should not attempt to put it out themselves.

“Stay away from the area, get away from it,” he said. “If they see a fire someplace call 911, Columbus Fire will respond.”

Bowling said that if students see a fire, they should keep their eyes peeled for anything dangerous nearby that could add to or worsen the fire.

“if something in the area that could be a hazard, make sure Columbus Fire knows about that,” he said.

NBC4 reported that since July 10, there have been approximately 25 fires in the off-campus area, and that from July 30 to August 2, authorities have been called to extinguish five dumpster fires and a couch fire. They also reported that at least half of the fires are suspected to have been started by non-students.


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