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Women’s fashion: Spring into a new wardrobe with electric color, bold leather, lace

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With spring break only six weeks away, it’s time to once again consider how to amp up your wardrobe. Spring 2013 is full of bold prints, patterns and electrifying colors – things we haven’t seen a lot of this winter. This contrast to the muted color palette of the past is the perfect pick-me-up for any dreary winter day.
Long lines: Be bold with a black and white striped silk top. It’s meant to make a statement, so don’t be surprised when it’s the first thing you notice when entering the nearest H&M. Although you might think it looks like a circus tent on the hanger, try it on and you’ll look longer and leaner than ever before. This means opting for vertical stripes to give you the illusion of an elongated torso and narrow shoulders and waist. Paired with a brightly-colored blazer, this top is a must-have statement piece.
Electric color: Think highlighter party to the extreme. Tops, pants and accessories are all available in the brightest hues possible this spring. Don’t be afraid of the daring color choice – neons will also make you look tanner even if you’ve spent all winter in hibernation. Take a risk and pair hot pink pants with a red top and black pump. Even though these colors technically don’t match, they’re from the same family, giving your outfit the same effect as color blocking.
Lovely lace: The romance is here to stay through Valentine’s Day. Lace tops, skirts, dresses and even shorts are all making statements on the runways. While they may be sheer, this ladylike fabric comes in all colors and these pieces can be used as key layering pieces. Use a lace tank the same way you would a cami under a silk button down for a different look that’s romantic and sexy all at the same time. You can also pair a lace skirt with understated black pumps for some subtle sex appeal.
Luxe leather: It’s not reserved for biker chicks anymore. Leather, faux or real, is popping up in many retailers across the malls. Next time you’re at Express, think about pairing a black leather peplum top with some black skinny jeans. Despite the monochromatic appearance of the outfit, the mixture of textures gives the eyes enough to look at. Pump up the look with some bold jewelry for a night out or throw on a lace blazer for something more conservative.
Work of art: Prints are more of a mixed media work of art this spring. Tops can be a pattern of many prints including Aztec, stripes, floral or even snakeskin. Pair these pieces with others that are more understated allowing them to be the focus of the outfit. Avoid accessorizing too much to keep the outfit from being too busy.
Spring 2013 is all about fun, flirty looks. It’s the essence of what makes being a girl so much fun. So next time you’re out shopping for some new essentials, find your inner girly girl and be bold.

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