Columbus saw a drop in temperatures and a decent amount of rain Saturday, but even with the bad weather, students still came out to experience a great night with some awesome entertainers.

Thankfully, the skies cleared up enough for the Ohio Union Activities Board annual spring concert on the South Oval to still be enjoyable.

Headlined by electronica trio Passion Pit, which released a new album Tuesday, the Big Spring Concert also featured opening acts Chromeo and COIN.

The crowd started off pretty small, but as the night went on, students flooded in from different sides of campus.

Passion Pit, which received mixed reactions when it was announced as the headliner, drew an energetic crowd for the night. When the group played “Take A Walk” from the album “Gossamer,” I was thankful I wore my rain boots. Students were jumping up and down and moving their hands with the beat. Some were so excited and hyped up that at some points I wasn’t sure if I was being splashed by muddy water from the ground or if it had started raining again.

Passion Pit played a few more crowd favorites from “Gossamer,” including “Carried Away,” one of my personal favorites. The upbeat song kept the crowd alive and active, dancing around and singing the chorus as loudly as they could.

Whether they were dancing and singing or simply watching the performers, the crowd seemed to have a good time throughout the entire show. And with Passion Pit, Chromeo, and COIN’s feel-good music, I’m not sure who would have not enjoyed the show, cold and all.