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Opinion: Jean jackets are making a comeback

Spring is a precarious time when you can rock your most fire, layered outfits without being scorched by the sun or covering up your masterpiece in a heavy coat.

Nick Roll sporting a denim jacket. Credit: Courtesy of Nick Roll

Nick Roll sporting a denim jacket. Credit: Courtesy of Nick Roll

As winter loosens its icy death grip, I’m advocating for the jean jacket to be reborn.

I’d be lying if I said this wasn’t personal: Not everybody has the butt for jeans, and I certainly don’t. But everybody has the shoulders for jean jackets.

The main premise of this argument is that I look great in my jean jacket, and I think you would, too — but, like, buy your own; don’t actually wear mine.

The jean jacket is as practical as it is totally styling. I’ve got six pockets on my jean jacket — it’s like wearing cargo shorts, except this way people don’t know I’m a virgin.

Every time I wear my jacket, I get a compliment. And, like, 60 percent of the time I’m pretty sure that they’re sincere.

Yet it’s more than the style, it’s more than the practicality: It’s about the community. Right now, jean jackets are a relative rarity, so if you ever run into someone else rocking sick denim, it’s an instant icebreaker.

It usually goes something like this:

“Hey, dude, nice jean jacket.”

“Hey, dude, thanks. You too.”


Now, together, you and your DFF (Denim Friend Forever) can judge all the people at this party bricking their outfits as you sit back and try to survive yet another night out that you could have spent binging Netflix.

But what if you’re nervous about rocking your fire denim threads for the first time? Wouldn’t you like a place to test out your look? Luckily, I’ve put together a list of safe spaces that are friendly to ‘80s dad couture.

Bossy Grrl’s Pin Up Joint

LGBT-friendly, but more importantly jean jacket-friendly, Bossy Grrl’s is located just north of Hudson Street at 2598 N. High St. They make a mean Old Fashioned, but remember, you’re going for dad aesthetic, not granddad aesthetic — stick to the Heineken.


My editor Sallee Ann Ruibal sent me a text live from Trapathon IV at the Spacebar, saying that the denim jacket trend was alive and well at this establishment, too. No one knows classic hip-hop better than dads, so exert your dominance at the next edition of Trapathon by donning a denim jacket.

The Library Bar

Unofficially known as the dad capital of Columbus, you’ll probably stand out if you don’t wear a jean jacket at The Library, located at 2169 N. High St. Pro tip: It has been scientifically proven that denim duds make you better at pool and darts.

So, will this article go viral, making me famous and launching the jean jacket into the mainstream? Will I ruin the jean jacket by making it too popular? Instead of donning basketball jerseys, will frat bros now rock sick jean jackets as they raid and pillage the O Patio & Pub?

Here’s the thing, though: I wouldn’t actually be “ruining” anything. The jean jacket is love. The jean jacket is life. We must share it with the world.

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