The Graphics. From left to right, Westerheide, Smith, Corbett, and Abraham. Credit: Courtesy of The Graphics

The Graphics tied for second place for Best Local Band in The Lantern’s Best of OSU 2017.

For college bands, finding time to write, record and play while also balancing classes and other commitments can be a struggle.  For Columbus-based band The Graphics, its members know this struggle all too well.

The Graphics, a four piece modern rock band, includes three Ohio State students: guitarist Jack Westerheide, a second-year in international studies, singer and guitarist Zane Abraham and bassist Jack Corbett, both second-years in exploration. Drummer Dakota Smith attends Ohio University.

“It’s such a big deal just to get the band together to practice,” Abraham said of the logistical issues the band encounters with the distance.

Despite these challenges, the band put out an album, “Over and Over,” in September, and plays shows at various Columbus venues, such as The Shrunken Head, Skully’s Music-Diner and Big Room Bar.

“We used to just play Blink-182 covers,” Corbett said of the band’s early days.  While the band’s origins can be traced back to grade school in Granville — close to OSU’s Newark campus — with Abraham and Corbett, it wasn’t until after the band members’ senior year of high school that the band started to produce original music.

“We’re still finding our sound,” Corbett said.  

Their sound is often compared to early 2000s rock groups like The Strokes, he said.

Like many college bands, The Graphics look to the future with mixed feelings. When asked if they wanted to make it big or if they were in the band purely for fun, Corbett and Abraham agreed it was a mixture of both sentiments.

“We definitely want to do something with (the band), but at this point we’re not completely committed to it,” Abraham said.  

He said this summer they hope to record several new songs in a recording studio — their first album was recorded in a bedroom — and possibly do some touring.

As for its immediate future, The Graphics are set to play a show at The Shrunken Head on April 14, followed by a show at Big Room Bar on April 21. The band also will travel to Cleveland on April 22 for a show at The Grog Shop with fellow Columbus-based band, Personal Public.

Editor’s Note: Jack Westerheide is Social Media Editor for The Lantern.