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Department of Art BFA seniors showcase final projects

Senior BFA students in the Department of Art display their works at the Urban Arts Space. Credit: Courtesy of Zoe-Beth Brake.

The Department of Art’s Bachelor of Fine Arts seniors have one final event before graduation.

The department’s senior projects exhibition, which opens Tuesday and runs through May 6, will feature a wide range of art pieces and media.

“There is no criteria,” said Zoe-Beth Brake, a senior graduating with a BFA in painting and drawing.  “By this stage, you have developed your own personal style. The BFA show is our opportunity to exhibit what we have arrived at after four years.”

Brake, who has four paintings and three drawings on display in the exhibition, has been working on her pieces this whole semester and originally planned to only submit paintings.

“The painting side is more about my imagination and creative side, rather than something that is more concrete,” Brake said.

With the added drawings encouraged by a professor, Brake chose to explore her New Zealand heritage.

“The drawing side is more about an expression as me as a person and my heritage, ancestors and life from New Zealand,” Brake said. “To do this, I photographed people that represented this, and drew them in pen.”

Emma Haase, a BFA student who specializes in glass, will also be keeping it in the family by showcasing a glass piece that centers around 30 of her family members and their facial features.

For over a week in the summer, Haase traveled around the country and visited family members in Colorado, Kansas, Kentucky, Indiana and Michigan. With the help of a research grant, she was able to go to each state and created a face mold for 30 family members. She said she wanted to see what specific facial features could be passed down genetically.

“I just wanted to compare the faces of my family members and see what features are similar or different,” Haase said. “It’s easier to see similarities if you look at it to a larger scale.”
The exhibition will be held at the Urban Arts Space in downtown Columbus. Admission to the show is free.

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