The Board of Trustees met and unanimously approved all agenda items Friday. The Board has unanimously approved all agenda items in every meeting for at least the last consecutive year. Credit: Kevin Stankiewicz | Editor-in-Chief


The Ohio State Board of Trustees unanimously approved all agenda items and proposals, including major construction projects and personnel actions in its Friday morning meeting.


The Board approved contracts for the following projects: an update to the Ohio State airport hangar; the building of new ambulatory facilities for the Wexner Medical Center; a partial replacement of Postle Hall; and an upgrade to Wi-Fi on campus.

The projects were discussed in detail at the Master Planning & Facilities Committee.

The new ambulatory facility is set to be located at the corner of State Route 161 and Hamilton Road.

Also approved by the board was a lease agreement with Apple for iPads to be distributed to incoming freshman next year.


Board appoints chairs

With the year coming to an end, the Board appointed chairs for next year as well as the forming of committees.

Michael Gasser was appointed chair of the Board while Timothy Smucker and Abigail Wexner were appointed vice chairs and Blake Thompson was appointed secretary.


Honorary degrees

The Board agreed to revoke the honorary degree of Bill Cosby while also awarding four new honorary degrees, including one to former Secretary of State Colin Powell.


New degrees

The Board approved the creation of two new degrees to begin being offered at Ohio State including a doctor of philosophy in engineering education and a master of applied neuroscience.


Personnel action

The Board approved the reappointment of Mark Larmore as vice president and CFO of the Wexner Medical Center and the extension of head football coach Urban Meyer’s contract.

Read more about Meyer’s extension through the 2022 season here and more about personnel actions involving the Wexner Medical Center here.