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Deadpool 2 Review: Good-natured indecency with a relevant message

“Deadpool 2,” the sequel to the 2016 hit “Deadpool,” hits the ground running with the same off-color humor and crude action-packed fights that succeeded in the original.

Although directorship changes, Ryan Reynolds delivers again as the eponymous self-deprecating mutant, and the 2018 sequel feels noticeably more comfortable and controlled. Wade Wilson finds himself in this film fighting not for the future of the Earth or the universe, but for a cause personal to him. After attempting an explosive suicide complete with the expected sarcasm and charm, the film goes backwards to the motivation for this and then forwards eventually to the conflict of the film.

While the first act runs a little long, it never bores with constant action and humor, and the self awareness and meta-humor of this production really becomes more apparent as the film progresses. “Deadpool 2” sees the titular character — backed by a crew of amateur mutants, a few X-men and a regular guy named Peter — explore the theme of hatred, delving into how it affects both one’s own self and the the people closest to them, while maintaining the light-hearted nature of the series and avoiding getting overly dramatic as other superhero films.

Some of the humor falls a little flat, but it doesn’t take away from the film. It’s all a part of the fun. In typical Deadpool fashion, gratuitous, irreverent and imperfect, “Deadpool 2,” succeeds in its story, fight scenes, comedy and its ultimate goal of creating a sequel for the franchise of the beloved anti-hero.

Complete with tons of easter eggs and references to its comic book origins, “Deadpool 2” is a well-paced and fitting improvement from its 2016 predecessor that sends a positive message while maintaining an utter refusal to take itself too seriously.

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