Line of horror movie fans waiting outside Drexel Theatre at “Shock Around the Clock” in Columbus in 2016. Photo courtesy of Joe Neff.

Columbus’s 10th Annual “Shock Around the Clock” is planning to unite all horror-film fanatics for a 24-hour movie marathon this weekend at the Drexel Theatre.

This Saturday marks the 30th anniversary of the very first ever 24-hour horror movie marathon to take place in Ohio. What began in 1988 as “Night of the Living Drexel,” this festival has taken on many forms over the years. However, over the last ten years, this event has carried on in the form of “Shock Around the Clock.”

“It’s like a pregame for Halloween,” Lillian Tyack, fourth-year at Oberlin College said. This will be Tyack’s fourth year attending “Shock Around the Clock” and the marathon encourages festivalgoers to bring their friends and family to attend.

This year’s lineup includes the U.S. premiere of “Crystal Eyes,” “Hagazussa: A Heathen’s Curse,” “From Dusk Till Dawn,” “Lost Highway,” “Deep Red,” “In the Mouth of Madness,” “The Innocents,” “Terror Train,” “Pumpkinhead,” “Night of the Demons” and “Scream for Help.”

The lineup of movies not only includes crowd favorites, but also contains a variety of 35mm films and never-before seen premieres from all over the world.

“You’re able to see more of an indie-vibe feel,” Tyack said. “You can go to a mainstream theatre and see ‘The Nun,’ but it’s also fun to go and see films that you really wouldn’t see at a cinema.”

Be sure to come prepared physically as well as mentally for the full day of scares as the 10th annual costume contest will also take place, with a $100 cash prize waiting for the first-place winner.

“Sometimes the best costumes are not elaborate,”Joe Neff, director of “Shock Around the Clock” said. “It’s about your sense of humor and how you show off your costume.”

In addition to a costume, make sure to prepare for the 10th annual scream contest, where every person will have the opportunity to showcase their best horror movie scream as well.

There will be numerous food options available to people as well, ranging from the selections inside the Drexel Theatre itself to the various array of restaurants near the theatre as well.

People will have the ability to leave the theatre for a food break and come back at any point in time to continue the marathon.

“I have met lifelong friends from this marathon. It’s like a big twisted family reunion,” Neff said.

“So many people come from different walks of life and on this one day we can all come together. You never know quite what you’re going to get.”

Neff encourages people to bring their friends, family, and lots of caffeine to the Drexel Theatre this Saturday and Sunday and join in on the Halloween fun.

The event will take place from noon on Oct. 13th til noon on Oct. 14th.Tickets are available at the Drexel Theatre, 2254 E. Main St., or online via PayPal at Tickets are $40 in advance and $45 the day of the show.