Gateway Film Center will host Horror 101, a yearlong celebration of 101 horror films, starting on Feb. 14. Credit: Amal Saeed | Assistant Photo Editor

Gateway Film Center announced the full list of movies for its new horror film program, Horror 101, including films such as “28 Days Later,” “The Babadook,” “Hereditary,” “Dawn of the Dead,” “Halloween (1978)” and many more on Monday.

Horror 101 is a yearlong celebration of 101 of the “best” horror films of all time, curated by a list of experts in the film industry. The films range from releases dating back to 1922, and includes movies released through 2018.

Some of the critically acclaimed films include “Alien,” “A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984),” “The Blair Witch Project,” “Dawn of the Dead,” “The Fly,” “The Exorcist (1971)” and many more. Horror 101 aims to “pay tribute to the best of those films that scare, unsettle or disturb,” according to a Gateway Film Center press release.

The full list of 101 films was selected by a panel of national and local news outlets, filmmakers, studios, distributors, critics and programmers. Contributors to this list included representatives from Warner Brothers, Lionsgate, Paramount, IFC Films and Dark Sky Films, according to a press release.

Horror 101 is the companion program to Cult 101, which was created by Gateway in 2017 to celebrate and screen the 101 best cult films of all time. The films were selected by a national panel of experts and presentations were often paired with discussions, expert analyses and many of the films were restored in 4K or 70 mm or 35 mm film.  

Fans of the Cult 101 series can expect similar special pairings throughout 2019.

“As soon as Cult 101 ended, I started getting requests for more programs that were similar to it in scale and scope,” Chris Hamel, Gateway Film Center president, said. “With the amazing impact these films have had on our culture, and the spirited debates horror films seem to create, Horror 101 was the obvious choice for a new program.”

Over the course of 2019, all 101 films will be screened at Gateway exclusively, culminating with a closing night party on New Year’s Eve.

“Candyman” will kick off the program at 7:30 p.m. on Valentine’s Day and the full screening schedule will be announced on Jan. 15. Regular Gateway Film Center ticket pricing will apply to all screenings.