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Podcast: The Fantasy Doctors (week 14)




The playoffs are here in the fantasy universe, and as always, the decisions of who to play and who not to play are what determines one season. This is every owner’s dream: the chance to be in the playoffs and prove your sports brilliance.

This week on “The Fantasy Doctors,” we included players who we believe you should sit or start.

To start, how can we not mention the words “Johnny Football” this week? Not that it will probably make a difference, because if you’ve made it this far in the season, you most likely aren’t scrambling for a quarterback. But, for whatever reason if you are in need of a quarterback and Johnny gets the job, we believe he is worth starting.

The old saying of old reliable doesn’t apply here. Frank Gore is on the top of our list of players who we believe  that — although their names carry weight — their performance does not.

As for some of the younger guys, we’re all for them. Keenan Allen is the headliner here. After what can be described as a disappointing season, Keenan has the opportunity to redeem himself. The past couple of weeks he has played well, but well enough to be in the starting lineup this week? We believe so.

As we know, every team is different, as well as every owner’s strategy, but tune in to hear who the Doctors believe is a good start/sit for this week.

Oh, and let’s hope you haven’t done anything to annoy the fantasy gods in recent weeks. Best of luck in the playoffs.

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