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Ohio State ‘looking into’ Braxton Miller Instagram post

The Ohio State athletic department is “looking into” an Instagram post by redshirt-senior quarterback Braxton Miller posted Tuesday night, an OSU spokesman confirmed to The Lantern.

Miller posted the following to his Instagram account @braxtonmiller92 before removing it on Wednesday morning:

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The photo pictures Miller seated next to Brandon Oshodin, owner of Authentik Fitness in Columbus and an AdvoCare distributor.

It also shows products on the table in front of Miller from AdvoCare, which is a company that “provides innovative nutritional, weight-management, sports performance and skin care products,” according to its website.

According to the NCAA recommendations page on the AdvoCare website, a student-athlete may not use “photos of themselves on an AdvoCare Microsite, Facebook, Twitter, personal website or any other place where AdvoCare is mentioned.”

As of Wednesday morning, Miller had his own AdvoCare site, which donned his name in the upper right hand corner as a “distributor.”

By Wednesday afternoon, the name had changed from his own to “stayfit forever.”

According to The Columbus Dispatch, Miller said “it’s all good” with the OSU compliance office, but the article also noted that the compliance office hasn’t issued a statement yet about whether he violated any NCAA rules.

The AdvoCare website said a student-athlete must “use the phrase ‘AdvoCare Independent Distributor’ in place” of their name.

The site also says that a student-athlete can be a distributor.

Miller did not immediately respond to The Lantern’s request for comment.


  1. God these Lantern articles can drive you crazy!

    Jut hire a straight A student to glance at the headlines and articles to sanity check them. Pay him $15/day; well worth it.

    You seem to be saying OSU is looking into possible conflicts between Braxton’s actions and guidelines on the AdvoCare NCAA Recommendations page.

    We are supposed to guess the “AdvoCare NCAA Recommendations” page is, in essence, a listing of actual NCAA-enforced rules?

  2. I really, really wish someone would have actually edited this article before posting it? Maybe actually done a bit of research so that it made sense?

  3. Kick him off team. Period. He is not needed a d neither is any sort of distraction or violation.

  4. I dont know but Advocare stuff is a life changer. I dont blame him for promoting the stuff it World if you are commited to the challenge. Get hours Braxton

  5. I didn’t do nuttin wrong. Ask coach tressel

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