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Sold-out Mountain Goats show set to rock at Wexner Center

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It’s been nearly two decades, a slew of band mates and more than a dozen albums.

The climb for the indie rock band, The Mountain Goats, has been long and rocky at times. Yet it seems the band and its only constant member John Darnielle have truly found their footing with their new album, “All Eternals Deck.”

The Mountain Goats will perform at 9 p.m. tonight for a sold-out crowd at the Wexner Center for the Arts Performance Space. The band will take the stage as part of the Wexner Center’s Next @ Wex series, which showcases independent musicians from around the country.

“These indie bands are doing incredibly creative work as young artists,” said Chuck Helm, director of performing arts for the Wexner Center. “I feel (they are) vital to showcase.”

Darnielle first started The Mountain Goats from his studio apartment, recording his tracks on a dual-cassette player, according to the band’s website. The Mountain Goats gained notoriety for their unpolished sound and powerful story-telling lyrics.

“Their literate approach to crafting lyrics and adventurousness as players trying new approaches makes them appealing artists for us to present,” Helm said.

Max Griswold, a second-year in English and philosophy, said the band’s latest installment had a new sound, but “holds just as much merit” as previous albums.

“I wouldn’t compare it to their older stuff, though,” Griswold said. “The band has evolved considerably from Darnielle’s personal, lo-fi folk act to becoming a legitimate three-piece band.”

Not all students are as taken with The Mountain Goats as Griswold.

“The lead singer has kind of a nasally voice, and I usually don’t mind that, but this one got on my nerves,” said Kelly Lewis, a second-year in crop science.

Helm said extra tickets are sometimes made available on the day of the concerts.

“We will push out (the) message if we release a few more tickets,” Helm said. “The best thing to do is… sign up for our Twitter alerts.”

Attempts to reach The Mountain Goats were unsuccessful. 

For more information on ticket availability, visit www.wexarts.org.

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