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Commentary: Vest in jest: ‘Tosh.0’ ridicules Ohio State

Photo courtesy of Comedy Central

On Tuesday night, Daniel Tosh appeared on his weekly comedy show wearing former head coach Jim Tressel’s signature attire: the sweater vest.

Tosh opened his show, “Tosh.0,” by welcoming everyone to the special episode.

“Welcome to Tosh.Ohio State. You wanted the best? You got the vest,” Tosh said.

Tosh wore different OSU shirts throughout the show including an OSU T-shirt, an OSU sweatshirt and a windbreaker. He made a few jokes about the university, including an obligatory tattoo joke, but otherwise just spent the entire show in the sweater vest.

“Welcome back Buckeyes,” Tosh said. “If everyone in here can keep their traps shut, you will all receive free tattoos.”

The show itself was no different than any other “Tosh.0” episode. In fact, it was incredibly underwhelming. There were no OSU-related videos as part of his show. He had little to no material about OSU, other than welcoming people back from commercial breaks. And that’s the problem.

The mere sight of OSU apparel and the sweater vest on a national level is comedy. Yes, he made a sexual innuendo about dotting the “i” and a joke about the football team’s scandal. Other than a few one-liners, nothing was different.

How big of a problem does the university have if the brand itself is laughable?

If someone left this campus wearing an OSU shirt, does that call for public ridicule? On my trip to Nebraska to cover the football game, I was walking down the street in neutral attire, and the man next to me was wearing a No. 2 OSU jersey. A Nebraska fan yelled from across the street, “Hey No. 2, let me see your free tattoos.”

Did I find it creative? No. Did I find it funny? No.

But the rest of the world does. The rest of the world was laughing alongside that one Nebraska fan.

Tosh wore several different OSU outfits like it was normal for him, and I’m sure that Nebraska fan somewhere was laughing, along with the rest of the world.

Tressel and the football team have turned this university into the punchline of a bad joke.

While the football team continues to take the blow from its own transgressions, the rest of the university is hit with the shrapnel. I’m not going as far as saying the value of my degree has gone down because of the actions of one group of students at the university — that would be ignorant.

You used to be able to tell people with pride that you attended The Ohio State University. It used to mean something. However, the pride and the prestige that accompanied that title, has now been reduced simply to comedian fodder.

Thank you, football team. We appreciate it. 

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