Jamie Larson was a cast member on Season 29 of MTV’s ‘The Real World.’ The show is set to hold a casting call in Columbus March 29 at Big Bar and Grill.  Credit: Courtesy of MCT

Jamie Larson was a cast member on season 29 of MTV’s ‘The Real World.’ The show is set to hold a casting call in Columbus March 29 at Big Bar and Grill.
Credit: Courtesy of MTV

When Jamie Larson auditioned online for season 29 of MTV’s “The Real World,” she had no idea how the show would change her life.

“I get bored easy,” the 22-year-old Pflugerville, Texas, native said. She then said she thought, regarding trying out for the 2014 season, “What the hell, why not just try out?”

“The Real World” is set to host a casting call for its 30th season in Columbus on Saturday, and Ohio State students and the Columbus community will have the opportunity to take a chance to audition for the reality television show.

The auditions are set to be held from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Big Bar and Grill, located at 1716 N. High St.

Senior casting director for “The Real World,” Martin Booker, said candidates should bring a picture of themselves to the casting and suggested they arrive early. At the casting, the candidates will fill out an application then meet with a casting director and be seen in groups of 10, Booker said.

According to MTV’s website, candidates have to be 20 years or older, and look like they are between ages 20-24.

“The group audition is your chance to speak up and take the opportunity for the casting directors to get to know you,” Booker said.

The following day, the casting directors are set to hold single interviews for select candidates, Booker said. These interviews are in-depth, one-on-one interviews on camera where the casting directors really get to know the applicants.

“The Real World” has been running for more than 20 years, success which Booker attributes to the show’s casting.

“It comes with casting interesting, dynamic people,” Booker said.

Booker said he has casted 12 seasons of “The Real World” and the casting directors come back to Columbus because of the real all-American people they meet.

The casting directors are not focusing on crazy people when casting, but are returning to the intrigue of genuine and strong people, Booker said.

“People with dynamic personalities, people that have a view and are able to express it. They walk in a room and they draw attention,” Booker said.

McKenna Cimperman, a first-year in wildlife and forestry, said she was surprised to hear “The Real World” was casting in Columbus, and thought students would be excited for the opportunity to audition.

“It will be packed,” Cimperman said. “I think everybody will show up.”

Larson said students or people who want a new experience in their lives should definitely audition. However, she warned students who are close to graduation and beginning their careers to think before auditioning.

“You lose track of things inside your career,” Larson said.

Larson said she was grateful to have had been on the show — particularly season 29 which came with a different twist.

The season, dubbed “Ex-Plosion,” had exes of some of the cast members on the show. Booker said ratings are particularly high for season 29.

“I was very happy I got to be on the season that changed everything for ‘The Real World,’” Larson said.

Booker said so far there are no twists planned for Season 30.

Larson said she met some good friends on the show, especially her current boyfriend, fellow Season 29 cast member, Tom Buell.

Booker mentioned that “The Real World” faces alteration as years pass, due to shifting trends.

“The show has the ability to change when culture changes, it changes along with culture because it does feature young people,” Booker said.