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Lantern TV Interview: Jon Waters


  1. Former Buckeye Also

    Thank you Lantern for giving Jon Waters such a n in depth interview. Hope he is returned to the band ladder soon!

  2. Very well done, Lantern TV. Thanks for giving Jon Waters a voice with the students. Your quest for the truth is so important to Jon returning as the director of OSUMB.

    Your impact cannot be overlooked or diminished.

    Thank you! OH-IO

  3. Much thanks to you Lantern TV for this interview, and the chance to see and hear the Jon Waters we know and love, talk about what he knows and loves: the wonderful members of the OSUMB. Despite the tragic blow Jon received, he remains a Leader who is a class act. We stand with Jon for truth and justice to prevail. We look forward to the day when Jon will raise his baton once again as Director of the Pride of the Buckeyes.

  4. Jon Waters is a class act! I Stand With Jon! and….for as long as it takes!

    Best: Dave Haney
    Class of 1963
    The Ohio State university

  5. I expected to hear Jon Waters say that he was praying when he was asked what he had been doing in the meantime after he was fired. Mr. Waters has no integrity. What some of his members did was illegal in accordance to the law that was to be enforced (without excuses)and not to be graually removed by taking appropriate steps. Title IX was to be enforced since 1973! What many of the former band members did, in the years before that ruling, was immoral but not illegal and yet he says that he was “taking steps” to illiminate the “sexual culture” that was “entrenched” and that he “inherited” since the 1930’s. It is not acceptable to blame past generations of band members and directors for his own failure to meet with the law’s demands. He also has lied in two interviews in the two months’ investigation about never screaming and cursing at any of his students (although in his 2nd interview he admitted “cursing in front of his students” but never “at a student” etc. Why can’t this man just be honest and admit that he lied; why can’t this man apologize for blaming my generation in TBDBITL for his inability to do what the law says needs to be done in his generation? The man is not a man of integrity. It’s not only the investigation that was flawed but also the man named Jon Waters. How in the world can he claim that his band could not have put on the shows they do with such pride and excellence, etc., if the investigation was true. Well, Mr. Waters, in the all male band of my years many of us could honestly have been labeled as sexual perverts and yet we still put on excellent half-time shows with pride. Even in the 1950’s the half time shows were excellent and yet the boys in the band had their “Gray Baton” publications. Your argument is simply non sequitur. Go back to college, Mr. Waters, and take a course on logic.

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