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Opinion: Not all food delivery services are equal


Sallee Ann Ruibal poses with numerous Moe’s burritos delivered through OrderUp. Credit: Liz Young / Editor-in-chief

For Christmas, my mother gave me a cookbook of recipes that require fewer than five ingredients and less than 30 minutes to make. That cookbook sits on my table underneath empty bags and containers of delivery.

I am devoted to ordering delivery. It’s the easiest, fastest way to fit meals into my schedule.

I’m known for being the one that orchestrates orders for either just the Arts desk or the whole newsroom. It’s a special talent. Now, I have weighed all the delivery options to tell you which one is best.

3. EatStreet

EatStreet is one of the delivery services that employs drivers to pick up food from restaurants and deliver it to the orderer. An advantage of this is that food that was previously undeliverable, such as Boston’s pizza and Melt Bar & Grilled, is now deliverable. But EatStreet does not give users an estimated delivery time. This could be seen as a pleasant surprise or a hassle in having to guess when you should probably put pants on.

2. GrubHub

Out of these three delivery services, GrubHub is the only one that has the food delivered by restaurant employees instead of hired drivers. Therefore, most of the restaurants on GrubHub already have an option for delivery. So why even bother using GrubHub when you could just call the restaurant up or order off their site? Because “Free Grub,” that’s why.

If GrubHub tells you your food should be there by 8:30 p.m. and it’s 8:31, call GrubHub. They will usually deposit $5 dollars of “Free Grub” onto your account for the inconvenience and will contact the restaurant for you to see what’s up. If the restaurant got your order wrong, a cheerful GrubHub rep will reimburse you. The appeal of GrubHub is definitely its customer service.

1. OrderUp

I have saved my favorite for last. OrderUp makes the previously undeliverable deliverable, but goes a step further. Once an order is placed, you are able to track its journey from the restaurant to your door. OrderUp tells you when the order is placed, when it’s picked up, by whom it’s picked up (shout-out to Tony), how many orders that person has made and has a live update of where they are on the map. It’s like tracking Santa if Santa brought burritos instead of stockings.

Speaking of, OrderUp has many holidays. The best was when they offered Moe’s burritos for $3 and then the following week offered them on a BOGO deal. I ate so many burritos. But I have no shame, thanks to OrderUp.


  1. You are an ass clown, orderup urinates in the delivered food, every one knows that

  2. I agree, not all deliverys are the same. Many are bad and we can´t see happens with our order but I recommend that you check this delivery page where you can follow your order it from the moment you order until it arrives at your door


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