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Updated: Vigil to be held for 13 year old shot, killed by Columbus police

Police say Tyre King's BB gun, a copy of which is shown above, was mistaken for a real gun. Credit: Courtesy of Columbus Division of Police Sgt. Rich Weiner.

Police say Tyre King’s BB gun, a copy of which is shown above, was mistaken for a real gun. Credit: Courtesy of Sgt. Rich Weiner, Columbus Division of Police.

A vigil has been organized in remembrance of Tyre King, a 13 year old shot and killed by Columbus Division of Police officers Wednesday night.

King was shot after he pulled out a BB gun, which officers mistook as a real gun, according to a statement from the police.

Police said they encountered King and two other males after responding to a call regarding an armed robbery.

The officer who shot King has been named as Bryan Mason.

The vigil is scheduled between 5 and 8 p.m. on the South Oval, organized by the Ohio State Coalition for Black Liberation.

The shooting of King, who was black, has drawn comparisons to the shooting death of Tamir Rice, a black 12 year old in Cleveland who was also shot after possessing a BB gun. The officer in that case did not face charges, which congressional Rep. Marcia Fudge called “a miscarriage of justice.”

Update, 1:26 p.m.

The Dispatch spoke to Demetrius Braxton, 19, who was with King when they encountered the police officers.

“I was in the situation,” Braxton told The Dispatch. “We robbed somebody, the people I was with.”

Braxton told The Dispatch that when police started chasing them, they ran.

“The cops said to get down,” Braxton said. “We got down but my friend (King) got up and ran.”

He said King was shot four to five times.

“He started to run. When he ran, the cops shot him,” Braxton said. “I didn’t think a cop would shoot. Why didn’t they tase him?”

Braxton also told The Dispatch the BB gun King had resembled a real gun.

Update, 5:16 p.m.

Rep. Joyce Beatty, who represents much of the campus and off-campus area, as well as the neighborhood where King was killed, Old Towne East, issued the following statement Thursday afternoon:

“Tyree King’s death is a tragedy and today we mourn the loss of this 13 year-old child. I join others in urging the community to unite and to respect the privacy of the King family during this difficult time. As this incident is fully investigated, we must stand together—elected officials, parents, activists, police, community and faith leaders, and all of us—to save lives.”

Update, 1:51 p.m.: This story was updated to include a photo of the type of BB gun that police say Tyre King had.


  1. I suppose the Coalition for Black Liberation thinks that it’s perfectly acceptable to rob people and pull a gun on a police officer.

    This is not a tragedy. This is a case of “play stupid games, win stupid prizes”.

    • I agree, this was a stupid move, plain and simple.

    • They aren’t saying that, they’re saying it’s not ok to shoot a 13-year-old kid to death for ANY REASON and then be remorseless about it.

      You really believe there’s ever a reason to murder someone, let alone this?

      You’re a monster, to justify killing like this. Why do we have courts if the police are just going to sentence kids to death in the streets.

      • Joey, you are showing your ignorance of not bothering to follow this article…did you see the gun shown above? A police officer has a split second to make a decision and when this 13y/o, who was old enough to know better, pulled that gun from his waist, he got what was to be expected. Again, another idiot person who didn’t listen to the officers directions. This ‘kid’ just pulled an armed robbery. What part of that don’t you understand? The kid made his own ‘sentence’. Btw, BB guns can kill someone. Here’s the link…now try reading it. You might learn something new! http://www.cpsc.gov/PageFiles/122496/5089.pdf

      • Likely saved the life of a good black person down the line. This kid was on a trip to a bad life from making bad choices. I’m glad he’s dead and at peace.

      • Parents should have taught him robbing is wrong, as is pointing a gun at another human (who was white, this made him a racist because he robbed a different race). So they also should have taught him racism is wrong. They should have taught him to respect elders and to do what they say when they tell you to stop you stop. They should have told him never pull a gun unless you expect to have one pulled on you. He should have been at home with his parents doing homework instead of rambling around on the streets at that time of night especially at 13. His parents should have made sure of what kind of friends he was hanging around with that would encourage him to rob people at gunpoint and they are 19 years old and grown. Personally I would not have cared what color he is if someone pulls a gun on me to rob me I am going to shoot them male or female teenager or adults and color sure as hell don’t matter. I work for my money and the things I buy and I dont want some Thug trying to take it away from me regardless of sex or race or sexual preference or age. If at 13 he was old enough to threaten people with a gun and COMMIT ARMED ROBBERY then he’s old enough to be treated like an adult.

  2. He didn’t pull a gun on the cop. They found a gun after he was killed by a cop who has been involved in multiple police shootings and killed another black man in 2012. Focus on the facts.

    • Focus on the facts? OK.

      The fact is that every news source is reporting that Tyre King pulled the gun out of his waistband before he was shot.

      The fact is that the man shot and killed previously by Officer Bryan Mason on December 17th, 2012 — John Kaufmann — was white. And he was holding a gun to another man’s head when he was shot.

      The fact is that there is no other record of Officer Mason being involved in any other police shooting, despite what people might be saying on Twitter, Facebook, or wherever.

      So basically every single thing you wrote is not a fact.

  3. Kid was kind of young but this definitely sounds like suicide-by-cop by someone who doesn’t want to go, or go back, to jail. Kids are learning bad stuff these days. STOP and DO what a cop says and things will go better – this is what happens in my neighborhood and no one gets shot by cops.

  4. Hate to say this but 80% of crime in Columbus is by blacks. No other group is even close. If parents would know what and where their kis are and doing, this would not have happened. Notice that the family has a lawyer, within 14 hrs of the shooting. The shooting saved tax paying citizens a lot of money by stooping this wannabe gangster at a early age
    Scruffy telling it like it is

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