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Five fitness classes to keep you moving over the holidays

Staying motivated and committed to a fitness schedule can be hard when life gets busy. When the temperature drops and the hurricane of finals are over, it can be easy to want to crawl under the sheets and not emerge again until classes resume in January. These local fitness classes could be just the way to beat the winter blues and stay in shape.

CorePower Yoga

Conveniently located in the Short North, CorePower Yoga is more than the name implies. These fitness classes are meant to ignite your intention and connect the mind, body and soul. There are a wide range of classes that fall on both ends of the spectrum. You can relax and connect your breath to your body in Yoga 1 or Candlelight Yoga to soothing music. You also can push your physical boundaries in Yoga Sculpt or Core Cardio Circuit, which fuse traditional yoga poses with weights and upbeat music. These classes are for beginners to the most experienced yogis. The good news is, new customers get a week of unlimited yoga for free. If you end up enjoying it, CorePower offers student discounts.

Title Boxing Club

Title Boxing has locations in both Grandview and Upper Arlington. These classes capitalize on the fundamentals of a boxer’s workout to strengthen and tone your arms, legs, back and core. Classes utilize high-intensity interval training to burn the maximum number of calories, and are led by an experienced trainer. You can release any pent-up aggression from the results of finals by delivering jabs, crosses, hooks and uppercuts to 100-pound bags. Classes are offered ranging in duration from 30 to 75 minutes.


You’ve probably heard about the eatery, bar and event space new to campus this year on High Street. You might not know that it also offers free fitness classes. Trism presents varying classes throughout the month of December at no cost to customers. This month, there are multiple yoga classes being offered via Yoga on High, Barre 3 and LIT Life Yoga. Be sure to grab a peanut butter smoothie or super food pop-tart to recharge after your complimentary workout close to campus. Marina Zahran, events coordinator at TRISM, said each class has 70 spots and TRISM provides 10 extra mats for those who need them. “We have had a few classes hit that 70-person mark, but we haven’t had to turn anyone away quite yet,” Zahran said.


RO-HIO is a facility that offers low-impact, full-body workouts to its customers. The classes combine rowing circuits with interval exercises, while high-energy music is played. The rooms are filled with Concept 2 Indoor Rowers with monitors that display your total time, distance, calories and pace. With the ability to adjust the level of resistance on the rower, this class serves every level of difficulty. RO-HIO boasts that rowing can improve your lungs, work the lower and middle back, hamstrings, calves, glutes and biceps. It’s low-impact nature also minimizes wear and tear on the body and joints. At RO-HIO, your first class is free and they even offer a student discount. Patrick Woods, co-owner of the facility that is home to RO-HIO and former Ohio State student and track athlete, said RO-HIO opened in June 2016 because there were no other workouts offered like it. “RO-HIO has former NCAA crew champions as coaches. Their expertise and knowledge are second to none,” Woods said.

The Bounce Club

This unconventional class combines the adolescent appeal of indoor trampoline facilities with a fun and energetic approach to working out. Classes are offered Thursdays and Saturdays and are one hour long. Classes are small, around 15 people each. “I have a strong gymnastics and personal training background and was an Ohio State cheerleader so I wanted to combine all of my favorite things into one,” said Tisha Yocom, owner of The Bounce Club. The Bounce Club, located north in Powell, Ohio, offers a generous student discount, lowering the price per class to $10. You also can enjoy your first class free.

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