Artist Chelsea Dipman’s piece entitled “Ohio Loves Ranch” will be on display at the “From Columbus with Love” gallery. Credit: Chelsea Dipman

Columbus artists have come together to represent the intricacies and unknowns of the city in a gallery show, “From Columbus With Love.”

Wild Goose Creative, located on the corner of Summit and E. Hudson streets, will have an opening reception for the gallery on Saturday,  where viewers will also be able to add their own snapshot of what the city of Columbus means to them.

Lydia Simon, the Gallery and Operations Manager at Wild Goose, said it’s a way to engage those that come to the show.

“One of our main goals at Wild Goose is to create a welcoming experience for viewers to engage with art without barriers,” Simon said.

Viewers that want to participate will have the opportunity to create their own postcard-style pieces that will be hung up around the gallery and work in tandem with the artists’ pieces.

According to Simon, the essence of the show is “really the perspective of what this city is to these artists – which can be challenging, it could be good, it could be bad.”

“We don’t want it to be cookie-cutter,” Simon said.

Wild Goose is familiar with shows that aren’t “cookie-cutter.” Canada Keck, an artist who has a piece in “From Columbus With Love,” said, “I love how they are so dedicated to bringing art of all forms to the community, and how they embrace art at all different levels.”

Keck, a Senior Research Associate at Ohio State’s Center for Human Resource Research, has been creating autobiographical comics for years.

For this show, however, she put together something a little different.

She featured a photo collage of public art around Columbus, including the Topiary Park in the Discovery District, the Elephant Fountain in Victorian Village and the Giant Dancing Rabbits of Ballantrae Park in Dublin.

“This city offers so much to people with a creative bend,” Keck said. “I guess, for me, getting to participate in this show was just a way to express how much I have enjoyed that.”

The opening reception will be held tonight from 6-9 p.m. with no admission fee but donations are encouraged, and the gallery show will be open until Feb. 20.