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  1. Sick of You People

    You know, they are not the worst franchise in the league. I am SO sick of hearing that. We were 7-9 last year. The Jets were 4-12, Jacksonville was 3-13, Tennessee 2-14, Oakland Raiders 3-13, Tampa Bay, 2-14, along with others that had less than 7 wins. Has the team had terrible seasons (especially since 1999) yes, but so have so many other teams.

    The team is building. I think we only go up from here. For a so called fan, you sure do have a thing about bashing your team. Enough already. Give them a friggin’ chance to right this ship.

    There was an article the other day with a headline reading “Cleveland Browns Fans Should Be Envied”. Maybe you should read THAT article. It will EXPLAIN to you why Browns fans bleed orange and brown and DO NOT give up on their team. You can find it here: http://www.cleveland.com/browns/index.ssf/2015/02/cleveland_browns_envy_and_las.html.

    I know you’re young, but you don’t have any IDEA what you’re talking about. I think you’re just rehashing what other talking-head sports writers write.

    Also, quit talking for all fans. You don’t.

    P.S. I’m female whose been through Red Right 88, The Drive, The Fumble, and know more about the Cleveland Browns than you EVER will.

  2. You Don't Know S*l*&

    Count NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport among the national voices who think the Browns are headed in the right direction.

    On Wednesday at the NFL Combine, Rapoport shared with ClevelandBrowns.com the reason why he firmly believes the Browns can improve upon their 7-9 record, and it starts with one person: Mike Pettine.

    “Mike Pettine has established himself as a pretty sound, sure decision maker who doesn’t allow the outside clutter to make decisions for him,” Rapoport said.
    “You look at the quarterback decision, come out of camp, everyone expects it to be Manziel. Welp, Pettine knew he wasn’t ready – and he was right. He didn’t listen to all the clutter about Manziel.”

  3. Living in Texas now, this is the first I’ve heard of a new logo. Our team may still suck, but, they are still our team. The history behind the elf and the colors need to remain!


    Side note: to “Sick of you people”: you will never be able to judge who knows more unless both of you sit down and take a comprehensive exam on the Browns, so sit your tail down. Also who cares if you’re a woman? You make it sound like women don’t enjoy football, and that’s sexist and that is not cool.

  5. The owner of the Cleveland Browns is Jimmy Haslam. His name is spelled incorrectly throughout.

    It appears that Mr. Haslam and his cohorts pay as much attention to detail as you and your editors at The Lantern. Criticizing Mr. Haslam is reasonable, but it comes with very little punch when you spell his name wrong throughout your piece. I am a Browns fan and a 2007 graduate of Ohio State. I enjoy checking in on the views from campus that The Lantern provides from time to time. However, typos have the ability to dull the edges of an otherwise sharp journalistic sword.

    Keep on keeping on. Plain orange helmet logo for life!

  6. It is more than just an appearance change. Often times its seen that when teams change stuff you can change the culture. I don’t know about you, but when i think about the browns present logo and uniforms, i think of how terrible weve been. And Players know this too. My present image of the browns comes from the 2002 playoff game where kelly holcomb is walking off the field after the loss carrying his orange helmet and wearing what at one point was a our standard all white uniform, except it was covered in green from being hit so many times.

    Thats what this logo and uniforms are known for. A change can do alot of good. Now instead of being the team stuck in the past who refuses to change anything because of a championship pedigree that expired before most of our parents were in grade school, its an effort to right the ship and make people stop thinking of us as the crap we were and instead as a team starting fresh

  7. For the love of god, get rid of the brown pants.

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