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Ohio State drum major instructor charged with rape, kidnapping

An Ohio State employee has been arrested on two first-degree felony charges.

Christopher “Stewart” Kitchen was arrested on Wednesday on charges of kidnapping and rape, according to Franklin County Municipal Court online records. The offense occurred on April 16, the records stated.

Kitchen, 28, a former drum major for the OSU marching band, is employed as the drum major instructor for the band.

Kitchen is set to have an arraignment on Thursday morning.

OSU has placed Kitchen on administrative leave and has launched “its own internal investigation in accordance with university policy,” the university said in an emailed statement Wednesday evening.

“The university is deeply concerned to learn of criminal allegations against one of our employees of kidnapping and sexual assault,” the statement said. “He was taken into custody today by law enforcement officials, and we will continue to assist them in their efforts. Since this is an ongoing law enforcement investigation, the university is limited in its ability to provide additional comment at this time.”

Clarification: May 1, 2015

In addition to his job as the marching band drum major instructor, Kitchen was also listed as a lecturer in the School of Music in the university FindPeople database. His name has since been removed.


  1. Cue the band alumni defending this guy, belittling the victim, and circling back with some irrational connection to Jon Waters getting his job back.

  2. Back in your hole, blake.

  3. ohio state doesn’t have a sexualized band atmosphere . . . YEA … RIGHT !!!

  4. ohio state doesn’t have a sexualized band atmosphere . . . YEA . . . RIGHT !!!

  5. Couldn’t have said it better Blake!

  6. Drake: This Waters thing is still smoldering. We need a tail to wag the dog.

    Chatas: How about a classic sexual assault to set the media abuzz?

    Drake: Outstanding! How do we pull it off?

    Chatas: We’ll have Uncle Les buy the drum major coach. Short stint in lockup should be worth a cool million. We’ll use QIC’s legal team.

  7. Anon – Your message is accusing the President of OSU of buying off Christopher Kitchen for a million dollars in exchange for him being put in jail? Were you a 1980’s screenplay writer? Come back to reality please.

  8. Take a deep breath, relax, and go grab a dictionary. Look up the word ‘satire’, and realize this is just poking fun at the parade of Waters supporters in these comments who won’t accept it’s a dead issue.

  9. So the School of Music wants to steal the Band from the Athletics Department because then it wouldn’t have the ALLEGED sexualized culture problems!!!!!!!!! Ha!!!!!!! Looks like the School of Music needs to be the one cleaning up its act!!!!!!!

  10. The blame goes to the incompetent president at OSU who thought he could get away by using a scape goat rather than actually doing something to correct the problem. The damage M. V. Drake has done to the university is very large and growing. The search for a new band directory just came up empty because no one wants to be associated with our once fine university. The latest casualty is Alumni Association President Archie Griffin who has to be very disillusioned with what he has had to put up with since Drake showed up.

  11. @Rick it’s generally accepted that as the leader of some institution you’re responsible for all of its problems. Just like you blame President Drake for OSU problems, Jon Waters was ultimately the person who must accept responsibility for the band. Not exactly scape hosting

  12. Archie didn’t go anywhere-he traded one position for another, likely with fewer responsibilities and greater pay.

    Anyone still think OSU is beyond reproach? Any tactic to keep direction focused away from the real activities. It’s called magician’s patter – misdirection.

  13. Looks like the internet sports media is having fun with this story. The administration’s fumbling with Water’s firing and inability to hire a qualified replacement contributes more fuel for all of the haters of OSU in general.

  14. Oh no, more band rants and Drake accusations. No one is going to blame this guy who happens to be a criminal.

  15. Quit blaming Drake- It was Elwood and Joe who started the process against Waters- Drake was here less than a month before the Waters debacle was made public. Drake was guilty of signing off on a report that was authored by a minion of the previous administrations -and he should have read it before he signed off on it -that is what Drake is guilty of- but Elwood and Joe were the 2 that started the process.

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