Ohio State’s Board of Trustees committee for Master Planning and Facilities met Thursday to approve construction and financial requests. Credit: Owen Milnes | Lantern Reporter

Ohio State is taking its research and medical center endeavors farther west.

The Board of Trustees committee for Master Planning and Facilities will request a combined total of $504 million for the Interdisciplinary Research Facility and Wexner Medical Center outpatient care centers pending full board approval Thursday. 

The Interdisciplinary Research Facility is a planned addition to the new West Campus Innovation District, and the committee agreed to request $222.5 million for construction and professional services. 

“It will serve multiple disciplines including biomedical, life sciences and engineering,” Keith Meyers, vice president of Planning, Architecture and Real Estate at Ohio State said. “Flexibility and collaboration are the key goals of this project.”

The Interdisciplinary Research Facility will also dedicate two floors to the Pelotonia Institute for Immuno-Oncology, Meyers said. 

The construction of the facility is set to begin in July 2020 and finish in spring 2023, he said.

The committee also resolved to request $132.3 million for the new West Campus Wexner Medical Center outpatient care facility, as well as $149.2 million for an outpatient care facility in Dublin, Ohio. 

The West Campus outpatient facility is still working on variations of the exterior design, Jay Kasey senior vice president of Administration and Planning at Ohio State said. But plans will include five spaces for two types of radiation oncology and equipment will be installed August 2021.

According to a university press release, the Dublin location is a suburban outpatient care facility offering ambulatory surgery, primary care and other related support spaces. 

The committee will also request 2.5 acres of vacant land at Gowdy Field on Olentangy River Road from Time Warner Cable Midwest, of which Myers said is for future Wexner Medical Center expansion.

The committee agreed to request $27.2 million to renovate Celeste Lab, $18.1 million for project advancement at the Wexner Medical Center Inpatient Hospital, $15.6 million for West Campus infrastructure improvements and $4.5 million for new recreational turf fields by Lincoln Tower. All approved requests are pending full board approval Thursday.