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Podcast: Fantasy Doctors week 10

Now past the halfway point of the season, The Fantasy Doctors have decided to give out their awards “beasts,” “busts” and “surprises” of the season thus far.

They each decided to pick their own beasts, busts surprises by position. To start off: the biggest, most fierce beast in the fantasy universe this season: Andrew Luck. I don’t think it is much of a surprise on how good this kid is, but it’s amazing that he’s this good this quick. As the first pick in the 2012 draft, he has shown that he was not only worthy of that pick, but will continue to dominate the NFL in years to come. Luck has produced 221 points in standard scoring leagues, 34 points above the next highest player, Peyton Manning.

Likewise in notability, Adrian Peterson has been one of the biggest busts of the year.

Now, sure he hasn’t had the chance to play and truly earn the title of a bust. But, if someone spends a top three pick on you and you play one game, regardless of circumstances, you’re likely going to be considered a bust because you didn’t live up to expectations and therefore hurt the overall product.

Most people love surprises, and in fantasy football a surprise can really take your team from good to great. If you were lucky enough to draft Ahmad Bradshaw or Mark Ingram this year, you are probably pleasantly surprised and happy to have them on your team. As these two players, have truly taken advantage of their roles as either the primary backs. Even though Ahmad splits the carries with T-Rich, he has proven he’s a better weapon in a pass happy offense.

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