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#BuckeyeLove hashtag rounds up Ohio State love stories

Love is in the air among Buckeyes near and far.

Ohio State started a hashtag on Twitter, #BuckeyeLove, prompting Buckeyes old and new to express their love for significant others, friends, work and everything in between.

From college romances turned into marriages, to love affairs with Sloopy’s Diner’s cinnamon rolls, Buckeyes have shown that they have love fever.

Courtney Ridenour, an alumna of OSU who graduated in 2006, was living across the hall from her husband-to-be in Nosker House. The two started dating in November 2002, got married in 2009 and are now living in Carlisle, Ohio, with their 1 1/2-year-old daughter. “(My husband) means family,” Ridenour said. “He’s not only the person I love, but now I’ve gotten to see him grow into being a good father, and someone who does well in his career and is very supportive as a husband.”

Jessica Votaw, an alumna of OSU who also graduated in 2006, said sparks went flying the day she met her husband in a research lab she was working with in 2005. The young couple got married in 2007, and has been together ever since.

“I can’t imagine a day without him,” she said. “We’re just as madly in love as we were 10 years ago.”

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