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Ohio State USG election 2015: Michelle Bennett and Noel Fisher

USG presidential candidate Michelle Bennett (right), a third-year in public affairs, and vice presidential candidate Noel Fisher, a third-year in political science. Credit: Courtesy of Michelle Bennett & Noel Fisher

USG presidential candidate Michelle Bennett (right), a third-year in public affairs, and vice-presidential candidate Noel Fisher, a third-year in political science. Credit: Courtesy of Michelle Bennett & Noel Fisher

Undergraduate Student Government presidential candidate Michelle Bennett and vice-presidential candidate Noel Fisher have worked together and been friends since their first year at OSU, and they plan to emphasize experience as an integral part of their leadership strategy.

“The biggest advantage we have is experience,” Bennett said.

“Understanding the inner-workings of the university and being involved with University Senate as Noel has been for a few years now makes a difference in how we handle working with the administration, faculty, students and organizations.”

Bennett, a third-year in public affairs, has held several positions at USG and is currently the chief of staff. Bennett, who hails from Cambridge, Ohio, serves as the chair for the Council on Student Affairs and is a member of Alpha Chi Omega sorority, Alpha Omicron chapter.

“We are very excited to be running and we have a great picture for what the organization and university could look like,” Bennett said. “Our vision and policies are very thorough and we are confident that they are going to better the university.”

Fisher, a third-year in geography and political science from Lawrence, Kan., is an off-campus senator and member of the health and safety committee at USG. He has sat on the Council of Student Affairs the last two years and is actively involved in the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity, Omicron Deutron chapter.

“Michelle and I are involved in very different areas of USG,” Fisher said. “Michelle is the chief of staff and deals a lot with senior staff. My role in the senate is a separate branch entirely, where I deal a lot with the legislative aspects. We’ve made a lot of great pushes and strides in the senate this past year and we just need to continue working and pressing forward.”

A major issue that Bennett and Fisher think needs to be addressed by the university is affordability.

“Something that is really important to me is affordability of education at OSU,” Bennett said. “Part of our plan is to take a more holistic approach to lower the cost. We would like to do that by looking at specific fees students are charged. Looking closely at these fees to ensure they are benefiting students is important.”

Fisher’s focus on affordability is to ensure that OSU remains affordable not only for Ohio residents, but everyone globally.

“I am an out-of-state student, so I know about all of the extra costs there,” Fisher said. “The last few years, Ohio residents have been lucky to have a tuition cap, however out-of-state and international students are kind of shouldering the brunt of that. Our tuition keeps rising and we want to work hard at getting caps for that as well.”

Also high on Bennett and Fisher’s priority list if elected is safety. They specifically plan to target the long wait times for rides from Student Safety Service.

“We want to create an Uber-model ride-share program so that students are hired, we have more drivers, and after a background check, (they) can use their own cars,” Fisher said. “We want people to just be able to open an app, ask for a driver and have someone contact you within five minutes.”

With so many goals, Bennett and Fisher said they cannot do it alone.

“We have a wonderful team backing us, and we wouldn’t be able to do half of what we’re doing without them,” Bennett said. “Everyone on our slate has a very unique experience here at OSU and I think they will be a voice for all students.”

Knowing the issues and knowing what they are voting for is crucial for voters, Fisher said.

“We encourage everyone to go and research the actual issues before voting,” Fisher said. “We really want students to know what they are voting for first and foremost.”

There is one other campaign team running in this year’s USG election: Abby Grossman is running for president with Abby Waidelich, who is running for vice president.

USG voting will begin at noon on Monday and conclude at 11:59 p.m. Wednesday. The ballot will be available at usg.osu.edu.


  1. Their Uber model for student safety service is a concept that won’t be able to make it out the parking lot.

  2. I’ve now read the articles about both teams that are running. Aside from the odd airline plan of Abby and Abby, both teams seem to want to improve safety and affordability. Why didn’t they just run together as one big team?

    I see one big difference and that is committed involvement to USG so I think Michelle and Noel have my vote.

  3. "average student"

    They make the other team look like a set of fools.

  4. What has Michelle done as Chief of Staff in USG? *crickets* Nothing.

  5. It’s weird because you’re commenting so I know you’re not illiterate but you apparently can’t read the article.
    Chief of Staff is an internal role. We don’t exactly hear things like “White House Chief of Staff passed law to save children and whales.” She works with Senior Staff and works closely with Celia and Leah. She also chairs a University Senate Committee, which is the governing arm one step above USG.

    **the more you know**

  6. You clearly work for their campaign

  7. The uber model is laughable. First of all, student safety already has student workers. Second of all, its not for convenience, its a last resort for safety. What makes for long wait times is people using the service out of laziness and not wanting to walk. If students want a fast ride, call uber.

  8. What has Michelle done as Chair of CSA?

  9. That the only candidates we have for USG are from frats and sororities that have next to no diversity?
    Is this the best we can get for Buckeyes?
    Is this really representative of the campus?

  10. Noel does not have experience to be VP. At all. I would be comfortable with any of the other 3 candidates in their positions.

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