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Some students worried after fatal stabbing reported off campus


Some students are concerned about off-campus safety after a homicide was reported near Ohio State’s campus on Sunday morning.

Officers responded to a report of a stabbing near Summit Street and Northwood Avenue on Sunday at about 3 a.m., according to a Columbus Police Department media release.

They found 21-year-old John Austin Snyder “critically injured” in front of 2142 Summit St., the release stated. Snyder was transported to OSU’s Wexner Medical Center, but he died at approximately 4 a.m.

Detectives arrested a suspect, 23-year-old Alexander N. Delap of East Frambes Avenue, and are in the process of executing a search warrant at the suspect’s residence. The investigation is still ongoing, according to the release.

This incident is the 12th homicide in Columbus this year.

Austin Hartman, a second-year in chemical engineering, can see the intersection of Summit Street and Northwood Avenue from his front porch. He said he was asleep when the incident occurred, but found out about it Sunday morning on Twitter.

“It’s freaky. I feel a little uncomfortable about it,” he said. “I know the area is kind of bad. It’s not the best or safest place to live, but still, it’s kind of creepy.”

Hartman said this is his first year living off campus and that he thinks the experience is noticeably different than living on campus.

“When I’m walking around at night, I never walk alone. I always tell my friends to never walk alone. I always go pick up my girlfriend if she’s out,” he said. “I guess I’ll be a little more cautious. It changes your opinion of the area a little bit.”

Harry Cekovich, a fifth-year in nutrition who has lived on Northwood for the past three years, learned about the incident late Sunday afternoon after visiting his parents in northern Ohio.

“The fact that it happened two blocks away is kind of scary,” he said.

Cekovich said, however, he hasn’t heard of anything similar occurring in the time he has lived in the area.  He said it was an “excellent area,” adding that the incident doesn’t change his thoughts of the neighborhood.

“It’s calm … It’s a mellow area,” he said. “I feel like it’s just a freak thing that wouldn’t happen again.”


  1. Fear mongering "reporting"

    This story just is copied and pasted from the earliest reports of other Columbus news stations. Then interviewed around without knowing HALF of the facts about the actual incidents that occurred that night.

  2. The boy who died was my friend. The necessary details are in the story. What else do you need to know? Want to see the autopsy? He was stabbed in front of our friend’s house because he was wearing the same color hoodie as a guy who jumped the attacker’s friend. That’s the story. A life lost and yes, students have reason to be afraid or unnerved because of the homicide of an innocent college student.

  3. Well how about telling us if the deceased was an OSU student, for example. “Bec” implies so, but not the article.

  4. Terrible loss, and stupid. Conceal carry could have prevented this. Support CC ON and off campus.

  5. Wow. The Dispatch says the perp (the knife-wielder) is an OSU student, but the vic wasn’t.

    It says the perp went out looking for two guys who had earlier that evening attacked his roommate (likely also an OSU student.) In an ordinary situation, one of the roommates would’ve called the police. I don’t blame them for not doing so, given the general apathy of the Columbus Police Department.

    (Recall the incident a few months ago when some OSU students went out and caught some punks who had just broken into the students’ apartment. The students called the cops and the burglars were arrested. Then all charges were dropped against them!)

    The CPD is all tear gas and batons when dealing with celebrating students. And they are do-nothings when dealing with violent crime against OSU students.

  6. Victim was a Columbus State student. Don’t any of you people watch the news anymore?

  7. “Stabbing” doesn’t accurately describe what happened. The victim’s throat was severely slashed.

  8. How about the headline: “Some Students Worried…”

    Can there be a student in Columbus who’s not worried?

  9. The suspect was in a barfight with him and it happened not because color of hoodie … Smh you need to listed to the news or something

  10. Concerned student

    When I’m walking around at night, I never walk alone, since I always carry my trusted Glock 9mm with me.
    Seriously, when was the last time you saw CPD patrolling the back streets? For much of the time they just hang out in front of bars along high street and mingle with all the girls to have their photos taken.

  11. Why was no Buckeye security/crime Alert immediately issued to students/staff/faculty in light of this?

  12. Good luck with the Glock. But that approach works only if you’re 21 or over (most students aren’t) and you aren’t going to or from campus where carrying is illegal even for permit holders.

    The only solution is a competent, concerned police department — and we’re not quite there yet! In fact we’re trending in the wrong direction.

  13. Where is the safest off-campus area to live? Is it just south of campus and west of High St.? Where is the worst area?


  14. 1911 is better than glock

    Most grad students are older than 21. Do you want to be judged by 12 or carried by 6?

  15. Safest off-campus area to live? West of OSU campus, within Upper Arlington, or along 5th Avenue to the west of High Street.

  16. The men started a fight with the subject as the subject approachd. Then, as the subject felt threatened, he pulled out his knife. Self defense at its finest.

  17. This is black on black crime which is reason the details are scetchy and the media has dubed not very important, just run of the mil. Plus it is politically incorrect.

  18. This was NOT a black on black crime. NO ONE IN THIS SCENARIO WAS BLACK. Also, don’t ever say this was SELF DEFENSE. the man came at my friends accusing them of something they did not do, put a knife to an innocent mans throat and his other unarmed friend went to protect him and got his throat SLIT. This man should rot in prison the rest of his life and I pray he does.

  19. THIS WAS NOT SELF DEFENSE. The man who was killed and his friend were minding their own business on their front porch when the suspect confronted them accusing them of something they had nothing to do with. He would not leave after being asked repeatedly. Then he pulled a knife on them. And as someone said, the victims throat was slashed, this was not an accidental stabbing. It was vicious and malicious. He went out looking for revenege for his friends earlier fight and found two innocent guys on their own property. He should be put away for a long time.

  20. There are two possible answers to your question. These are just my theories about it, so don’t quote me:
    1. The incident occurred in the off-campus area which is beyond university jurisdiction. I have never seen an alert for any incident that occurred beyond the 43210 zip code.
    2. Because Delap was arrested by the CPD, there was no longer a threat to report. However, I don’t know at what point he was arrested.

    Either way, I am terrified. I have been a student at this university for five years and have never felt so unsafe.

  21. There seems to be evidence of negligence here that could have prevented the death of this poor boy. According to multiple sources, the police questioned the victim as to his whereabouts during the evening…The police should NOT have questioned someone with a neck trauma. Speaking and straining can put the airway at risk. They should have worked to save his life first, and then questioned later.

  22. This is unexcusable. For delap’s attorney to say this was the result of a ruckus that got out of hands is minimizing. A person died from a severe neck wound from a knife wielded by Mr. Delap. Mr. Delap will be lucky if he only does 10 years, please don’t spin this like this somehow the victim’s fault. Just another person who could not control their emotions.

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