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Marching band director finalist set to visit campus this week

The OSU Marching Band plays at a football game against Buffalo. Credit: Ritika Shah / Asst. photo editor

The OSU Marching Band plays at a football game against Buffalo.
Credit: Ritika Shah / Lantern TV news director

A finalist for the Ohio State Marching Band director position will visit campus today and Thursday.

Corey Spurlin, associate director of bands, marching band director and associate professor of music at Auburn University, is set to meet with members of the OSU spring athletic band, as well as the marching band, according to an email sent to band members from Scott Jones, associate director of university bands. That email was obtained by The Lantern on Wednesday.

The email said Spurlin will lead the athletic band’s rehearsal Wednesday, followed by a question and answer period with athletic band members.

Band members’ feedback will then be collected electronically.

Spurlin will also meet with members of the 2014 OSU Marching Band during his visit.

The email said Spurlin’s visit is the “first of two campus visits for finalists.”

OSU originally said it expected the search process for a new director to wrap up by mid-February. Time constraints slowed the selection process last semester, OSU spokesman Chris Davey said in February.

The band’s previous director, Jonathan Waters, was fired after an OSU investigation found the band contained a sexualized culture.



  1. Remember that the guy before Jon Waters came from that state up north. He worked out ok. I’ll give anyone a chance, but would prefer Jon back.

  2. Wait… what?

  3. Frank Tracz said it all. As a TBDBITL member I, too, have been saddened by the current Ohio State administration… But I will not speak in a negative about any candidate for the OSUMB position. I just sincerely hope that the few loudmouth band alumni will be quiet and allow the current band and staff to proceed this season the way they want to. Our time in the band has passed, and the torch will still burn brightly…….. If you let it.

  4. I firmly believe that the best solution would be for Jon Waters to be returned to the job he did so well. He deserved better treatment from OSU’s administration. I now realize that the second best solution is for an outstanding person to be chosen (and for Jon to win a gigantic settlement from the person sitting in Bricker Hall.) My son and his OSUMB deserves a director receiving the kind of support received by my directors, Paul Droste and Jon Woods.

  5. Okay, remember but don’t forget. . .Bobby. . .that Dr. Woods was an assistant director at Ohio State BEFORE he was named the head director. He was an assistant to Dr. Droste who, as you may know, marched in the OSUMB as an undergraduate student at Ohio State. So really, I would not call Dr. Woods a case in point.

  6. Spurlin could be a great guy and Auburn could be a great band (although, then why would Spurlin want to leave Auburn for OSUMB?) The fact of the matter is that there are many highly qualified candidates who are former OSUMB members or staff. Highly qualified candidates that would already know how to work with the style and the traditions. These things may not mean much to Auburn folks that are rightly supporting their director’s ambition, but OSUMB style and tradition mean a lot to Ohioans and Buckeyes everywhere. It is incredulous that the university would feel a need to look strictly outside for the next director. I think that is the sentiment that is really being expressed here.

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