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Woman shot near Summit and 11th

A woman was reportedly shot near Ohio State’s campus on Monday night.

Columbus Division of Police were dispatched to the area of Summit Street and East 11th Avenue at about 8:45 p.m.

The victim, 21-year-old Mikaylla Woods, was taken to the Ohio State Wexner Medical Center in critical condition, according to a Columbus Division of Police press release.

Woods was shot in the chest inside her residence, but the suspect remains unknown, the release said. She is now in stable condition.

The Lantern was unable to confirm as of Monday night whether Woods is an OSU student.

Police tape surrounded the perimeter of a Marathon gas station at the corner of Summit Street and 11th Avenue. A gas station employee, who would not provide his name, said he did not hear any gunshots, but heard that Woods was shot at a separate location and then collapsed in the gas station parking lot.

Two OSU students who live on Summit, but would not provide their names, said they saw Woods lying on the pavement in the Marathon parking lot, but did not hear any gunshots.

Anyone with information about this incident is asked to call detective Kenneth Trivette of the Columbus Police Assault Unit at 645-4044 or the Central Ohio Crime Stoppers at 645-TIPS.


  1. Laying?

  2. “Lying” is fine. I have a problem with “the suspect remains unknown” as opposed to, “the shooter remains unknown.”

  3. I’m not usually one to complain about not getting a public safety notice but this sure seems like it’s worthy.

  4. BuckeyeinWonderland

    I’m glad to see the violent nature of that area after the mall was built. I’m glad to see the violent nature around an INSTITUTION OF HIGHER LEARNING go down since I graduated. NOT.

    People from all over the world spend their bottom pennies to send their children to a University.
    In the U.S.

    This is the most respect you have for your institution? Mismanaged bureaucracy, exploitation of students, potential violations of the 8th Amendment and—VIOLENCE!

    Disgusting. Shame on you USA.

  5. This girl used to live across the hall from me in my apartment building. She is clinically insane and would repeatedly pound on my door at all hours of the morning and she spit on my husband one time and she pounded on my door so hard that a picture fell of my wall and hit my 5 year old in the head. I’m not saying I agree with her being shot, but it was bound to happen.

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