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Video: Anti-Trump protester tackled while giving speech in Union

(Update: Timothy Adams has announced that he is seeking for the assault charges brought against the student who tackled him to be dropped. Adams said that when he learned of the student’s medical condition, and the lack of political intent behind the tackle, he changed his mind. The follow-up story can be found here.)

As protests popped up across the country after Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential election last week, Columbus has not been immune. The past week has seen multiple protests, both on and off campus. Locally, protests have not been violent — until Monday evening.

During a protest that ended up concluding in the Ohio Union, an anti-Trump protester was tackled while he was delivering a speech. The protester, who appears in court documents as Timothy Adams, was knocked down from where he was standing on the steps leading to the second floor.

Multiple emails have been sent from university administrators to students and faculty regarding the disturbances surrounding the election.

“We protect First Amendment rights actively, but we do not under any circumstances tolerate intimidation or threats to students, faculty, staff or visitors to our campus,” said University President Michael Drake in one such email sent on Saturday evening.

The student who tackled Adams, Shane Michael Stanton, was arrested and placed under indefinite suspension from Ohio State, said Gerard Basalla, Undergraduate Student Government president and a fourth-year in political science and strategic communication.

“The assault that occurred — that’s what it was — in the Union tonight is completely unacceptable,” Basalla told The Lantern. “Every person on this campus has the right to feel safe and voice their opinion without fearing harm. We can’t be having this.”

Basalla said USG would be drafting a more detailed statement as more information became available.

The protest began at the front of Thompson Library on Monday evening around 5 p.m. For the third time this week, the statue of William Oxley Thompson bore witness to an anti-Trump protest as the Columbus branch of the Socialist Alternative led a rally of hundreds against the election results.

The rally began relatively small, with twenty or so people in attendance, but quickly grew as individuals filtered in. One masked protester described his hours-long bus ride from Phoenix, to attend the rally. Protesters ranged from young to old with several children and elderly residents of Columbus in attendance.

The crowd was equipped with handmade signs with sayings including, “This pussy grabs back,” “Your walls divide our world” and “Dump Trump”.

Multiple speakers took the platform ranging from the president of Pride OSU to a Columbus area teacher to a member of the Socialist Alternative.

Brendan Walsh, president of Pride OSU, expressed his anxiety regarding the LGBT community and the election’s results.

“I have never been so fucking scared to leave my room,” Walsh said to the crowd. “I am a white, gay male, like, I am the top of the LGBT community and I acknowledge my privilege. I’m scared and if I’m scared, what has this election done to this community?”

The protest was occasionally interrupted by Trump supporters, but the intrusions were limited with the most notable being a student in a hat emblazoned with Trump’s slogan, “Make America Great Again,” videotaping the rally and yelling, “headed behind enemy lines.”

“The biggest problem that we face is people not giving Trump a chance,” said Jake Liddic, a Trump supporter and second-year in business management. “People are dehumanizing a person because his values misalign with their own but they’re also missing him address minorities in a presidential manner.”

After about 30 minutes, the protesters called for a march, proceeding to walk down the Oval and onto High Street, chanting “No Trump, no KKK, no fascist USA.” Protesters continued on to the Ohio Union, coming to a halt at the stairs leading to the second floor where they resumed speaking.

Adams, the protester who was tackled, was one of the leaders of the rally. His bullhorn and glasses were shattered upon impact with the tile floor of the Union. People surrounding the stairs immediately reacted in an outbreak of violence that was quickly broken up by police officers at the scene.

Adams stood up after the mob had dispersed and said to the crowd, “Can I finish my speech now?” which was met by laughter and cheers.

Adams attempted to put a positive spin on the night’s events, urging individuals to get involved and come together for a cause.

“I think, if anything, tonight shows that we really need to bring people into social movements, bring people into social organizations and to come out for each other and stand up for each other,” Adams said. “Ultimately, coming together is the only thing that’s going to stop any kind of violence.”

Nick Davis, a third-year in natural resource management and president of Students for Trump, said that the attacker is not affiliated with the organization and that Students for Trump does not condone his actions, but declined to comment further.

“We are especially outraged that violence was used today at the Ohio Union as an attempt to quell free speech,” OSU’s chapter of College Democrats said in a statement published on Facebook. “Acts of violence such as this cannot be allowed to become normalized at OSU or anywhere in America.”

Ohio State reiterated its commitment to free speech while maintaining a safe environment for students in a statement to The Lantern.

“We witnessed a disturbing incident at a political demonstration on our campus this afternoon,” said Chris Davey, university spokesman, in the statement. “As we said last week, the safety of our students and freedom of speech are bedrock, immutable principles that are the foundation of our university.”

This story will be updated as more details become available.

Update, 10:03 p.m.: Timothy Adams name was originally reported as Timothy Joseph, the name he gave The Lantern when contacted by a reporter. His name has been updated to reflect how it appears in court documents.

Correction 11/14: A previous version of this story misattributed a quote about the Democratic Party to Brendan Walsh, president of Pride OSU. This has been corrected.



  1. The same Gerard Basalla that supported Rob Portman, who supported Donald Trump and the rescinded his support? Get the idiot racist hack out of USG.

    • you’re an idiot. calling someone an idiot racist hack because he supports someone who didn’t even end up supporting Trump? Portman is a great man and Gerard was open minded enough to publicly disavow Trump after he became the nominee. You need to get your head checked

    • According to ohioresidentdb.com, 24-year-old Shane Michael Stanton is registered as a Democrat in Worthington, Ohio.

    • Exactly what part of this seems fake to you? Or are you just that delusional that you can’t see anything that doesn’t align perfectly with your world view?

      • What part seems faked? The part at the end where two guys shake hands after the “attack”
        The centering of the frame. Usually when you film someone with a megaphone they’re front and center but we’re given a wide shot of the entire tard charge and NO ONE, in the 3ish seconds while the asspie waddles down the stairs points and says “Hey that guy might be charging you, look out”

        People aren’t that stupid.

        • Usually when you film someone with a megaphone you do it with your phone from wherever you happen to be standing at the time. Speaker was also centered, btw.

          PS: I am a lizard person

          PPS: People actually ARE that stupid

          PPPS: Case in point: you

        • This isn’t call of duty. They aren’t trained security professionals. It was a guy coming down the stairs. From the first time he opened his mouth and showed aggression until impact it was 3 seconds. Feel free to invite others to bum rush you and expect to react in a manner that would have stopped that.

    • No. Not fake. But there are other factors here the public is not aware of concerning this attacker. The young man one one of my golfers in high school.

    • I think it’s pretty clear that the speaker didn’t support Hillary and the Hillary supporter thought he was an idiot. I voted for Hillary (full disclosure). Don’t understand why people are so thick.

  2. hahaha, maybe the blind side hit was unwarranted but what about the guy who jumps on him and starts punching him? then runs away when he hears police and bails out stage right. Bravery and standing up for what you believe at its finest

  3. OSUPD, not Columbus.

  4. Thank you for sharing this story.

  5. Listen up college people. You are the future and I think most of you are fabulous and intelligent. This is a 56 year old talking and you are all adults. One year in jail for this brat is preferred. Physical violence must be punished.

    • He is mentally disabled, not a brat. Get your facts.

      • He’s a mentally disabled brat, and probably someone who needs his butt kicked.
        Too many mental defectives have been excused of their wrongdoing their entire lives.
        That’s why this cretin felt empowered to do this. Note he attacked from behind, as well.
        Typical of your defectives.

        • I can’t even…
          The man has Aspergers. He’s not even a Trump supporter. He was simply upset by this overly disruptive display.

          You’re a part of the problem

  6. Hearing rumors that the tackler is autistic. Will wait for further details on this one. Still not an excuse but would explain a lot.

    • No, it wouldn’t explain anything. Autism doesn’t make someone violent.

      • Cass- do you like acting as if you know everything there is to know? To say autism doesn’t make people violent, I think you may need to take a few health classes. As is with most mental illnesses, there are varying degrees and types of every disorder. To simply say “autism doesn’t cause violence” has to be to most ignorant comment from a liberal in the last…. oh…I’d say 20 mins. Hey, what can I say? Liberals spew a lot of dumb Sh**

  7. That one guy threw the hands then got out of there real quick!

  8. When I was in my last years of college I was worried about being drafted and sent to the hell hole called Vietnam. You snowflakes have nothing to fear. Trump has always been progressive as far as LGBT goes. The media has done a great job in poisoning you.

    • Your vitriol is part of the problem, old man. Trump a “progressive” lol I think his KKK and white supremacist endorsements speak for themselves.

      • Guess it doesn’t bother you then that Hillary had a KKK Gramd wizard as a “mentor”. The late senator Bird was as racist as they come, and Hillary says he was one of her greatest mentors. There’s a ton of pictures of them hugging. Look it up.
        And because some extremist supports Trump, you automatically think trump is the same? If I’m a KKK member and say Larry Bird is the greatest player in history because whatever racist reason I believe, does that make Larry bird a supporter of the KKK now? People in the spot light don’t get to choose who their fans are. Some liberals believe white people are evil. Does that make ALL liberals a**holes?
        By the way, this kid is INDEED autistic and it explains his actions. The bullhorn made him react that way. Apparently, some of you could care less and still think he should be jailed. It had NOTHING to do with politics….oh my god, and I’m a trump voter! But I thought I hated disabled people? At least, that’s what CNN says.

  9. Hey, Brendan Walsh here. I did not state any of the quoted lines in the first paragraph regarding the admonishment of the Democratic Party. I would appreciate it if that part of the article were removed. If you need any verification of my identity, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Thanks

  10. This attacker looks to be autistic or otherwise challenged. Running down stairs with pad of paper and pen in hands? He threw himself onto the speaker rather than use his hands. Poor motor skills, his enunciation stilted, even the girls at the bottom of the stairs felt compelled to protect him from retaliation like they instinctively knew he was helpless and lacked understanding. Very sad.

    I’m wondering if someone at the top of the stairs incited him somehow. There was a guy who began recording at the top of the stairs as the attacker began charging down the stairs.

    • Somethings off here...

      Yeah, he doesn’t even let go of the pad of paper at the end. He has no idea whats going on…

    • Yes, from what you’ve described (a retarded individual who walks and talks like an idiot, basically) it definitely sounds like a Trump supporter.

      • Your comment is not helpful in any way. You only make your cause look bad, and it’s part of the reason the election turned out the way it did.

    • As someone with 20+ years of experience in the field of autism and developmental/intellectual disabilities, there was nothing about this person that made me think has any kind of DD/ID. I’m especially troubled by the repeated attempts I’ve seen here to conflate this egregious assault with typical autistic behavior. It’s not.

      • Damn, you gotta be embarrassed now, don’t you? As it turns out, he IS autistic, with Asperger-Syndrom. See here at about 6:10:


        As someone who works with Autistic People, you should know that you can’t always see if someone has Autism by just looking at him, especially not in a very short time frame. As someone who, at least you claim that, has years of experience with Autism thinking you can evaluate whether or not he has Autism by looking at that short video, is worrying.

  11. Why are so many uncensored f-words being published in Trump-related stories by this publication? It’s not that I’m a sensitive child who can’t deal with the word, but it’s not your place to go against a style in place for decades to censor curse words in news outlets.

  12. Nice reporting, hacks. You missed the part where Shane is mentally disabled and a Hillary supporter. Anything to grab those headlines, right?

    • Just because someone is mentally disabled does not allow them to assault other people. He needs to serve jail time for this violent act, disabled or not. Actions have consequences.

      • Somethings off here...

        No one is excusing him, but if the motivation was not political, but over stimulus, then that is a very different story. I didn’t hear him say anything political and he wasn’t even aware of what was going on directly after.
        I can’t get over that he holds onto that pad of paper for dear life the whole time, including as he’s being carted off.

      • Yes, because a person with a crippled understanding of their surroundings is the same as all the anti-Trump people having riots and violent protests like those in the hall were supporting.

      • Sensory assault on an autistic person is worse than getting pushed, sorry.

        • Yeah…. no. It isn’t.

          I work in an ER.

          It really really isn’t.

          • What does working in an ER have to do with the cost of tea in China? If this kid was autistic, he may well have been goaded or triggered by someone or something to act in a way that he thought was appropriate. You should be ashamed of not being mindful to protect the mentally deficient.

          • What does working in an ER have to do with the cost of tea in China? If this kid was autistic, he may well have been goaded or triggered by someone or something to act in a way that he thought was appropriate. You should be ashamed of not being mindful to protect the mentally deficient. You are your brain.

      • That sounds quite fascist of you.

      • Tim- yep, that’s the liberal attitude!! Screw his disability!!! Throw him in jail!! I thought you people were TOLERANT!?!? You wish. Sadly, conservatives are the REAL tolerant people. Liberals only fake it.

    • Agreed. Pump the darn breaks. Please publish something on the mental health disparities in this country and the lack of access to care.

    • Who cares if the kids a retard. Throw his ass in jail. He shouldn’t be in college or public settings if he can’t control himself

  13. https://twitter.com/LanternArtsLife/status/704701585742389248 This is the ARTS all actors staged. Waste of our tax payer monies. You can watch from the top stairs him given go, camera timing and the acting.. is horrible.. really !!! The organizer of this needs to be looked into, it is a crime.

  14. The truth is like a lion, one thing they did not factor, being in the mall, cameras everywhere! Hope authorities hold the university responsible for damages tax payer dollars I am sure they have a camera from top view in the mall… security cameras. The good news, the teacher is in the video and the administration should fire everyone that allowed this failed attempt of racism towards our democracy. Racism is not just gender. The angel of the cameras, will show it all.. I do hope the authorities look into it all, the Arts department and uneducated actor fail..

  15. According to the Franklin County Board of Elections, Shane Michael Stanton is registered to vote as a Democrat.

  16. Thank god the average democrat is also a white knight and that woman got between them and the trump supporter else these rabid democratic animals might have killed him and eaten his flesh.

  17. didn’t al franken do the same thing to a Bush supporter in 2003 – tackle him from behind?

  18. Publius Valerius Publicila

    There you jolly well have it, the Trump fascism personified and caught on video distributed around the globe.

  19. One interesting nugget from this article is that a protester said they came all the way by bus from Phoenix. Why would someone from Phoenix come all the way to protest in Columbus Ohio? And how did that person pay for their bus ticket? Is that person a paid protester?

  20. Listen up kids, do know what this means, President Elect ! Let’s get together on this, we are becoming a divided nation. Stop, It’s your future at risk.

  21. That idiot who tackled the protester is a worthless POS and should be arrested for assault.

  22. staged..if he was an actual attacker he would never have gotten down those stairs. he’s even shouting I’ll stop you, you idiot..there was a crowd that could/should have stopped him, perfect cam follow btw. and who shouts “hey old boy”? when stopping an attacker? honestly. I’ve seen better acting at a high school play. oh wait they ….never mind. .well I think Michael Moore directed it! looks like the quality of his movies! Only he would cast a “Where’s Waldo” type character as an attacker, I mean it’s a subliminal statement, Can’t find him,then he pops out of nowhere…he’s using him as a metaphor for trump supporters. a silent majority that pops out.

  23. Why was someone so clearly intellectually disabled a student at OSU? I worked very very hard for my degree. The fact that he gets one too just makes a mockery of everyone else’s efforts and de-values their achievements.

    • This has to be the most misinformed comment I have ever read. You are jealous that someone with a mental disability is receiving an education? How do you even know this person has a disability or are you taking these comments as fact? Basically, you got issues…big issues. FYI, if this gentleman is on the autism spectrum…it does NOT mean he is unable to learn. Moreover autism is more of a social disability such as difficulty in communicating and forming relationships with other people…the higher the person is on the spectrum, the more likely they can get a college degree. I think you need to look within yourself and try to and deal with your shallowness and ridiculous attitude towards people with disabilities because God doesn’t like ugly and this is as ugly as it gets.

  24. Go home. You could of had a thousand, ten thousand, or even a hundred thousand people at that protest and it doesn’t change the fact that the president will be Donald Trump. All these protests can be are mear expressions of grievance with no possibility of things changing. There isn’t a magic button that the government can press to do over the election, change the opinions of nearly half the nation, or make Hillary Clinton revoke her step down from the election. This is set in stone.

    Rallying over that a legitamate election didn’t go your way isn’t protesting, its complaining. Yes you have the right to complain publicly, but ask yourself: Are you protesting for a change, or because you can?

  25. Here’s my question, why wasn’t the kid in the anonymous mask arrested for assault as well

  26. the kid that was so tough to start punching the clearly autistic pusher shoudl be arrested for assualt as well. The real hero of the situation is the girl that stepped in and seemed to shield the pusher with her body and tell the guy punching him to stop. NOBODY should be physically assaulted for sharing their opinions, so the pusher doesnt get a free pass on this. But the guy who threw punches appears to have been more incontrol of his actions and should face equal charges. The University should designate demonstration zones that can be protected by OSUPD. Why does every student going to the Union have to be forced to hear someone on a megaphone no matter what they are saying.

  27. I’ll await the nationwide follow-up to this story where it’s revealed the guy doing the “attack” was a registered Democrat and apparently autistic.

    Oh wait, that doesn’t fit into the narrative – just like the savages in Chicago beating up that white guy and stealing his car as they yell you’re gonna pay for voting Trump.

  28. It’s hard to have sympathy for something like this, the guy just getting knocked down, when on the news daily I have seen Trump supporters attacked and beaten.
    And for the record I did not vote for Trump or Clinton because I think they’re both douchebags.

    But I would like you to consider this, the angry protest the marching in the streets with police officers and others being attacked and public and private property being vandalized has reached a saturation point.

    You are making a lot of people on the other side very nervous and fearful. I know, you say, “Good because we are nervous and fearful”.

    Well I’m saying it is not good. Because what the other side’s see on the news is making them the kind of nervous and fearful that makes them think that they need to grab their guns to defend themselves and their families from angry mobs.
    if that is your goal, to make those people that kind of fearful, then congratulations.

    But if your goal is to raise consciousness and people make have a change of political heart, as a movement you are failing very badly.

    liberals failed to see what was happening to them politically and so they got the current results of the election.
    Now please don’t fail to see what is happening in the streets, because that could lead do a gorilla Civil War.
    and I hope that’s not what you want. I know I sure don’t

  29. And, so why are bunch of “students” rebelling in a university building…yelling through bullhorns, etc? They should all be arrested for inciting riots… and in this case causing extreme stress to someone with disabilities.
    What’s there to protest anyway? You normally protest a circumstance that’s occurred. Trump hasn’t even moved to Washington yet. WTH

  30. The attacker was actually not even a Trump Supporter, but an autistic Hillary Supporter with Asperger-Syndrome. See here at about 6:10:


  31. Here is how real people view this…Awesome. Liberals who hate cops and Support BLM, immediately call for police and obey police commands when cops are supporting THEM….ahahahahahah.

    They then start chanting when clearly they are not in a safe space; what is this….a giant group therapy session?

    You lost. Get over it. Communism failed. Grow up.

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